Saturday, May 31, 2008 by Rebecca



"Broomstick Mile"
25 Back Squats
25 Front Squats (video link includes Rob Miller Squatting)
25 Overhead Squats
Run 400 meters
25 Shoulder Press
25 Push Press
25 Push Jerk
Run 400 meters
50 Squat Cleans
Run 400 meters
50 Snatches
Run 400 meters

All of this work except for the runs is done with a PVC pipe. The moves are done in synchrony and the run is kept to pace of the slowest runner. Everyone stays together for every rep.

FINISHER: 21 Kettlebell Swings for Time

Men 2 Pood
Women 1.5 Pood

Mod:Kettle bell swings done w/ the green kettle bell ... 12kg/26.4#

Guess who the slowest runner was ... yeah Me. Made me work harder during my runs, but i was sucking air by the end, and it was an ego bruiser to have everyone stuck @ my slow pace.

Form on Kettlebell swings was terrible, but i did them all. ... Eventually.

Broomstick Mile

25 Back Squats
25 Front Squats (video link includes Rob Miller Squatting)
25 Overhead Squats
Run 400 meters
25 Shoulder Press
25 Push Press
25 Push Jerk
Run 400 meters
50 Squat Cleans
Run 400 meters
50 Snatches
Run 400 meters

All of this work except for the runs is done with a PVC pipe. The moves are done in synchrony and the run is kept to pace of the slowest runner. Everyone stays together for every rep.


FINISHER: 21 Kettlebell Swings for Time, 1.5 pood


Friday, May 30, 2008 by Rebecca


Three rounds of:
Run 800m
50 situps
50 back entensions

I broke this into 6 rounds of
Run 400m
25 sit-ups
25 back extensions

Don't remember my time exactly, unfortunately. I think it was around 40 minutes or about 6.5 minutes per round.

Michael and stuff

Climbing: 9(o), 10c(f+),10c(f),10c(f+),10a(f),10a(f)
The falls on the a's were just stupidity due to exhaustion. A lot of falling but I'm still pretty happy, as I climbed "Daniels" with only one fall at the crux, and I think it's possible to do it without falling if I can nail that move and get to a good resting spot.

Back Squat & Bench Press: 100x5

Three rounds of:
Run 800m
50 situps
50 back entensions

31:20 (approx)

Not sure how I was slower on this than last time, considering I was rowing then. The runs were on a treadmill set to 9.1MPH, and that was HARD - my metcon is not what it was when I was spinning twice a week. I had to wait for the back extensions a little, and the second round of situps were done on an incline which took longer (the others were done on a Swiss ball). Could also be because it was my third workout of the day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 by Rebecca


For time:
75 Push-ups
50 Sumo-deadlift high-pull 95#/65#
50 Clapping Push-Ups
50 Pull-Ups
25 Handstand Push-ups

Mods: All pushups were done using the knees to get up - no clapping pushups for me. I don't remember what weight I used for the SDLHP - a lot less than 65# maybe 26.2#.

This workout nearly killed me. I was a complete (crying) mess by the time I finished it, and I only got through the second set of pushups. To get that far took me the better part of 30 minutes.
For time:
75 Push-ups
50 Sumo-deadlift high-pull 95#/65#
50 Clapping Push-Ups
50 Pull-Ups
25 Handstand Push-ups


Lotsa subs: 71#KB for SDHP, regular pushups in second round, jumping pullups after first 10, and pike pushups (was running out of time, otherwise I would have tried a better HSPU sub).

Was actually first in the class until the pullups, and then everyone passed me by. I really wish I could increase my volume of pullups, but despite trying to GTG it just doesn't seem to be happening.

Wednesday Weigh-in

What went in:
Avg daily calories: 2,664
Fat: 123g - 40%
Carb: 215g - 29%
Protein: 180g - 27%
Alcohol: 7g - 2%
(Note: I didn't track food Monday due to eating out all day and really impossible-to-estimate stuff. It'd skew carb-heavy though, I suspect.)

Workout summary:
Metcon x 2
Strength x 2 (5x5)
Climbing x 2

What came out:

Weight: 180 (+2)
BF: 10% (-2%)
Chest: 38.8 (+0.5)
Arms: 11.8 (+0.25)
Hips: 38.5 (+0.5)
Waist: 33 (-0.25)
Thighs: 22.25 (+0.25)
Calves: 15 (+0.25)
Forearms: 9.8 (+0.2)
Shoulders: 46.5 (+0.2)

Wow, that's nice. Gained 2 pounds back from the 7 I lost, and all my measurements are back to where they were, except the waist which lost another quarter inch. The bodyfat is ridiculous, but I measured it twice and got the same result, so we'll just chalk it up to an unreliable tool (the FatTrack II caliper).

I was a little concerned about the amount of fat I was eating, but it looks it was about right. I'll be very curious to see how much of this was just a correction from last week's anomaly, and how much is genuine forward movement.

Looking Forward
Why mess with what's working? I'll try to follow the same rules as this week.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 by Daniel

DL: 180
SP: 80 (5-5-4-2)

Looks like I picked a weight that was too high for my shoulder presses. Next week I'll take it down to 65 and start again from there. The deadlifts felt relatively good today, actually.

Sunday, May 25, 2008 by Daniel

Hopper WOD

So of course Max picked the hopper workout from CFO yesterday for today's class:

4 rounds
21 Jumping Squats
21 Front Squats 95#/65# (sub 35#x2/25#x2KB)
3 Muscle-Up (Sub 9 pull-up/9 dip or push-up)
Run 400 Meters
25 minute limit.

I got three rounds, using the 35#x2 KB and 9/9 sub. Killer workout - the front squats in particular were very painful, and after the first round quickly devolved into 3 sets of 7.

But I do feel like my squats are improving, which is good. Afterwards Max went over double-unders, HSPUs, and barbell Clean & Jerk, which was really helpful.

Saturday, May 24, 2008 by Daniel

We went to the "Affiliate Throwdown" at Crossfit Oakland this morning. It started out fun, with a group warmup, but then went to crazytown. The WOD was pulled piecemeal out of a hat and was VERY hard (4 rounds: 21 jumping squats, 21 front squats 95#, 3 muscle-ups, 400m run), and the amount of testosterone and chest thumping and shouting was pretty over the top. As beginners, we felt intimidated and unwilling to be the focus of all that attention for trying the WOD (which we would fail at pretty hard - I can barely do a front squat with the empty bar with proper form). So we left.

...and went climbing at GWPC: 10a(o), 10b(o), 10c(o), 10c/d(f+), 10c(f+)

Fun climbs, though I think the lack of much overhang makes the climbs at GWPC easier than IW.

Friday, May 23, 2008 by Daniel

Climbing: 10a, 10b, 10c(dnc), 10c(f++), 10a(o)

Back squats: 95
Bench: 95

Not a great climbing day. Felt really tired and fuzzy, and not strong. Cold still won't die.

The 5x5's were really light, but I guess they're supposed to be that way at the start - actually felt kinda decent about my squats today, which was nice.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 by Daniel

Complete as many rounds in 25 minutes as you can of:
55 pound Kettlebell Clean and Jerk left 10 reps
55 pound Kettlebell Clean and Jerk right 10 reps
Run 400 meters

5 rounds plus the C/Js, 35#

Once I got used to the movement, the weight felt really light and I was able to go a lot faster. If I did it again, I think I could hit 7 rounds. However, next time KB C&J is on the menu, I think I'll step it up to the grey 20kg bell.

Wednesday Weigh-in

What went in:
Avg daily calories: 2463
Fat: 105g - 37%
Carb: 227g - 34%
Protein: 169g - 27%
(Note: I didn't track food Fri-Sun due to vacation, so this is only 4/7 days)

Workout Summary:
2 x metcon
1 x strength (5x5)
1 x HIIT (spinning)

What came out:
Weight: 178 (-7!!!)
BF: 12%
Chest: 38.3 (0)
Arms: 11.5 (-0.25)
Hips: 38 (-0.8)
Waist: 33.3 (-0.8)
Thighs: 22 (-0.5)
Calves: 14.8 (-0.25)
Forearms: 9.6 (-0.2)
Shoulders: 46.25 (0)

Wow, that's a helluva correction. I don't really even know what to make of this. After weeks of painstaking effort to gain a pound a week, to see almost all of it evaporate in one week is...shocking.

So what changed? Well, I started tracking food in Fitday, for one, and realized I was WAY over nearly every estimate of required protein per day. So I dialed back my proteins a little, and tried to dial back my carbs a lot - my target is 100g/day, but so far I haven't managed to actually get it below 200. I compensate for the caloric loss with fat to try and keep at 2500 cal/day, which SHOULD be a surplus of 500, but perhaps my daily requirement has gone up.

But I suspect the real culprit is the protein powders. I haven't had a muscle milk or protein shake for 5 or 6 days. I think the MM has creatine in it, which would put a lot of water in my muscles and might explain this plummet in weight. I can only think this is water. I can only HOPE it's water! I'm heartened by the lack of change in my chest and shoulders, and am happy about my waist, but my diminished biceps, already so thin, makes me a sad panda.

Overall, I'm not TOO upset. I was getting unhappy with my increasing waistline, and would like to keep that number closer to 33 than 34.

Looking forward
I'm going to follow the excellent guidelines laid out in this article and its companion (both WFS), and see where that takes me over the next month or so.

- Eat at least 150g protein/day, but not more than 175
- Try to lower carbs below 200g/day - 100 is the goal
- Keep calories up to 2500-3000/day
- No sugar or high GI carbs after 8pm. No more Muscle Milk before bed. Look for a sugar-free source of casein protein (cottage cheese?)

Monday, May 19, 2008 by Daniel

Getting over a cold, so am feeling crappy on and off. Did NO work over the weekend (family vacation) and nutrition was sketchy, so I'm feeling fidgety and irresponsible.

I've resolved to give Max's 3x5 strength plan a try. So the plan is: DL and Press on Mondays, Squat and maybe Bench on Fridays. I'd like to do weighted pullups, but since I climb on Mondays and Fridays I think those muscles will probably already be fried by the time I do my workout. So yesterday:

DLx5: 175-175-175-175-175
PPx5: 75-75-75-75(4)-75(3)

I'm hoping my sickness accounts in part for how difficult these were, or else I'm not going to progress very far at all. The deadlifts made me really woozy (a problem throughout the workout) but I think my form, while still shoddy, is getting better.

Afterwards did spin class for 45 minutes.

Thursday, May 15, 2008 by Daniel


10 rounds (PR)

Done at home - all the pullups were legit deadhangs, which is exciting, and it's one round more than last time (which, granted, was my first CF workout). It is HOT today (almost 100) and I'm at the end of four pretty brutal days, so I'd like to think I could've gotten in more rounds if I weren't already exhausted. Guess we'll just have to see.

Heading out of town for the weekend to Oregon. Hoping to get in some climbing and maybe some running, but it probably is not going to be a very good weekend for fitness (which is why I worked so hard this week). I'm looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, despite the five hours in the car.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Daniel


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95/65 pound Thruster


Max's mods: 24kg KB (53#), jumping pullups at double volume for 2nd and 3rd rounds.

The thrusters felt a bit too light - I think Max was looking out for my knees. I still feel totally whupped, though, after the past couple days. Hobbling around like an old man.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 by Daniel

You Don't Know Squat

Made this one up:

For time:
50 Air Squat
50 Front Squat (45#)
50 OHS (45#)
50 Back Squat (45#)
50 Air Squat


This was pretty darn hard, and accomplished just what I wanted it to: a CF-style workout that would also let me practice my squat form in all its varieties. The big lesson here is that my OHS is HORRIBLE. I was able to get down to parallel or below with everything else, but my OHS doesn't come close. My knees go forward, my back and wrists feel short, my body just doesn't want to bend that way. So I definitely do some more research and work broomstick OHS into my regular warmup to further refine the form.

Ordered Starting Strength from Amazon today. That should help, too.

Monday, May 12, 2008 by Daniel

This morning:
Climbing: 10a(o), 10b(o), 10d(dnc), 10c(f++), 10a

Felt strong at first with the two onsights, but that D was KILLER, and I burnt a ton of forearms trying to get up it. I was out of gas for the C, which was a hard one, and could barely limp my way up the slabby 10a to finish.

100 pullups, 100 dips for time
27:57, I think.

Scaling on Gravitron (in sets of 10):
BW (185), 145, 135, 135, 135, 125, 125, 125, 115, 115

I think this is an improvement, but I'm not sure...I was definitely not at 100% from this morning's climbing, so this felt quite challenging.

Spin class with Noel - brutal intervals.

Sunday, May 11, 2008 by Daniel


It's been a busy weekend with friends and family, so not a lot of exercise going on. We went on a pleasant bike ride in Sacramento yesterday for 25 or so miles, but it was FLAT and SLOW so doesn't really count.

The exciting news, though, is that this morning Rebecca (my wife) said she felt restless, and SHE came up with the idea of doing a mini CF workout on our own before our respective moms showed up for Mothers Day activities! So we did a little mini-Cindy:

In 10 minutes, how many rounds of:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats.

(I did 5, she did 4.)

But I'm thrilled that she took the initiative to do this - her reaction to CF has so far been mainly positive, but kind of ambivalent about how hard it is. I think she's getting into it more and more, though, which is awesome! I'm waiting for her to set her sights on a DH pullup, Byers-style.

Thursday, May 8, 2008 by Daniel


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups


Scaled to 185# DL and HSPUs with feet up on the squat rack. REALLY hard, much more so than I anticipated. My form on the DL breaks at the bottom, I could see my back rounding in the mirror - that's bad. It's all part of the same problem I have with deep squats, I think. I just need to get that form down before I can go much heavier.

Spin class with Amanda. Focused on intervals.

Knee still tender.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 by Daniel

I don't know if I have the strength of will to not do anything for a week, though.

Turns out I don't.

Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

SP: 80-85-90-95(PR)-95(f)-90(f)
PP: 80-85-90-90-95
PJ: 85-85-na-na-na

PR on the press, which is nice, but overall a bad workout. I didn't like jumping on my knee with weight on the Push Jerks, and as I got more tired I got more nervous of screwing up and what that would mean, so I stopped. The Y has also rearranged its weight room in preparation for a remodel, and it's CROWDED and confined and they took out some of my favorite equipment, so that's another reason to think about ditching the Y membership.

In general, I'm fighting some bad fitness juju these days. I'm freaked out and frustrated about dislocating both knees in one weekend. This is leading to some feelings of depression and inadequacy, which leads to feeling old and weak and fears that the weight I'm gaining is just fat, etc.

It's silly, as I'm definitely improving on stuff across the board, especially climbing (which is, I have to keep reminding myself, why I'm doing all this in the first place). It's slow, but measurable. I've known for a long time that I'm fighting an uphill battle as a thirty-something tall skinny vegetarian, so I just have to suck it up and get over it.

If only my knees would stop breaking.

Monday, May 5, 2008 by Daniel

9, 10d(f++), 10d(f++), 10b(dnc)

Blew out my OTHER fucking knee on that b. So now I'm a combination of really worried and really frustrated. It was a very brief pop, but enough to get the message: I'm tired, I didn't sleep enough last night, and my body is pushing the exhaustion limits.

I suspect the sensible thing is to just take a week off from all exercise. I haven't had a weeklong break since...well...November. And I've been pushing HARD lately. I don't know if I have the strength of will to not do anything for a week, though.

Sunday, May 4, 2008 by Daniel

in 10 minutes, how many rounds of:

5 KB swing 16kg
10 pushups
15 squats

6 rounds + swings. It was part of the "fundamentals" class, so I was really taking it slowly and focusing on form for all movements. Felt like I was getting better at the squats.

Saturday, May 3, 2008 by Daniel

One-legged Angie

For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

26:37 without squats.

Knee went out in class during the warmup. I don't think this was a particularly bad one, but it's still maddening whenever it happens. Max got me ice and some ibuprofen, and after sitting out most of the rest of the warmup (anything involving the knees), I did the workout anyway. The pullups were at 60% BW on the standing gravitron and took just over 10 mins. The pushups and situps went pretty fast.

Didn't feel nearly as whupped as last week's Angie, but with the knee and everything, who knows what's up.

It's a bit tender now. I'll keep icing it and hope that it'll be back together enough for tomorrow's class.

Friday, May 2, 2008 by Daniel

10a, 10c(f+), 10b/c(f+), 10a(o), 10b(f), 10a

Not a banner day, as I went into it sore and tired. Think I'm going to try a D on Monday. I've now done every a, b and c (but one) in the gym. I'd also like to start running drills.

Back squat x3:
45, 45, 45, 95, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155

Squat form still sucks. I can't get below parallel without falling backwards, and as it is I'm leaning too far forward and putting strain on my lower back. I need to buy the SS book and learn how the hell to do these things.

Practiced ring pushups and did 3x3 HSPU's with feet up on the top rung of the Smith machine.

Evening: Ashtanga Yoga 1.5 hours