Saturday, October 25, 2008 by Rebecca

Murph 50% Damn.

Warm up: 10 Rock'n Rolls, 10 CFEB sun salutations, run 400m


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed.

33:23 50%

Splits Round = 10 Pullups, 20 Pushups, 30 squats (should have been 10 rounds)

Mile - PR

I ran 1 mile at the beginning, and hyper extended my knee/hamstring? - whatever the muscle or tendon is just above the back of the knee... just for ease of reference I will say knee - in round 4, completed round 5, and called it 50% - even though i did all the running @ the beginning. Drat! I thought that, after my 17 round tabata cindy last week, today i might actually make it through 100% of this Mother of a workout.

Initially I thought I would do the workout cindy style, but my watch freaks out after 16 rounds, and cindy style requires 22 rounds, also 5 pullups - as partial as mine are right now - hardly seems worth the trouble of getting up on the box to get to the pull-up bar. Round 1 was straight 10, 20, 30, but it was immediately clear that if I tried to string together 20 pushups for 10 rounds, I would be there for freaking ever. Round 2 was 2 sets of 5,10,15, which fixed my watch/round issue, but did not address my pullup transition issue, so rounds 3, 4, & 5 were 10 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats, 10 pushups, 15 squats.

The pushups were still the hardest (duh!) - I typically had to break them down into 3 sets - the first one was 4-5 and the last two were 2 or 3 respectively - but my form felt mostly pretty good, and I was still managing mostly Full ROM when i had to stop. Needing to touch with my knees was the sign of needing to stop and breathe. The other thing I learned from tabata cindy is that it's better to stop and rest BEFORE muscular failure. Recovery is quicker and more effective.

I was DEFINITELY on target to do quite a bit better than my last time through. Last time it took me 1:10 to do 75% (really wish i had my split data from that run :-< ). Today it took me 33 minutes to do 50%, and I definitely had the gas to keep going .... STUPID knee. I know exactly what happened too:

I discovered with Tabata Cindy that I was taking far too long to get my squats done-treating them more as a rest period and less as an exercise unto themselves, so I was trying to keep them metcon-y and popped up too enthusiastically- probably a few times. Since it's my right side I didn't even know I'd done anything bad until I was trying to kip, and it really hurt my knee to swing my legs. I had to switch from kip attempts to jumping pull ups for the last 4-5 pullups of the last set - jumping was ok - better than swinging anyway. and the final set of squats was ... less than comfortable, but manageable. I kept a bit more weight on my left leg and just got through them. So that's why round 5 is so much longer - that and the fact that I took a minute long break to find my water and my towel and just breathe a little before starting round 5.

I had to go spend 4 hours @ work with my boss after this workout, so it's probably best that I did not totally wipe myself out, and only got through 50%. Also - the last time I did this @ 75% I was more sore than I have been - possibly ever - and for like 4 or 5 days! - that definitely won't be a problem this time (except for my knee - i don't know how that one is going to shape up. sigh.)

But one thing is clear. I have come a really long way even just since the end of August. :-)

Oh - and I managed to knock 20 seconds off my mile time. See Max - there was a good reason to run a whole mile at the start :-p


Maximus Lewin said...

There are 22 intervals if you want to do

110 pull-ups
220 Push-Ups
330 Squats

You did good. Also, you are no longer finishing last, and it is my feeling you can make at least to the upper mid-pack rx on a lot of WODs.

Rebecca said...

no there are 22 rounds because of 20 working rounds plus the run at the beginning and the end - those each need a lap too.

I have noticed that I'm not always last, now, which is definitely nice, but I still can't do most WOD's Rx - either due to lack of pull-ups or lack of strength. I'm not strong enough, yet(!) to do any of the weighted WOD's rx. Definitely getting closer tho :-D
And what's particularly exciting/worth noting is that I wasn't sore practically at all today from this (except for that pesky muscle in my leg - whatever it is). I AM going to be sore from those walking lunges though. OW.

Rebecca said...

And also - thank you for your encouragement :-)

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