Sunday, October 19, 2008 by Rebecca

Tabata Cindy - OMG Really?!

Warmup: 2 quick climbs - a 5.7 amd a 5.9 - both clean. mobility exercises, a 400m run ... don't remember what else.

Tabata Cindy
Perform 60 intervals of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest of:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats
Once again my damn watch totally freaked out after round 16 - it says the total time was 36 minutes (i forgot to completely stop it after the last round) but if I add up all the splits i get 50 minutes! I need a new watch/HR monitor :-P

Regardless. I'm 95% sure I got at least 16 rounds+ 2 pushups - i may have gotten as many as 18 + 2 pushups.

Either way - HOLY COW!!! My PR before this was a whopping 9 rounds. At least I think so. my watch malfunctions lead me to believe that my last attempt was somewhat higher than 9 or even 10.

Splits (such as they are):
17 & 18?
18 or19

A couple sets are longer and shorter because I forgot to hit the lap time on my watch until after the pullups (like round 10 & 11). Once again my limiting factor was pushups - by the end it was taking me 3 to 4 tabata rounds to get through all 10, but they stayed pretty strong through at least round 10, which is pretty damn impressive given that I didn't even HAVE a pushup a couple months ago. I was determined to make as many of them as possible full ROM, which is why they started taking so much longer - I could have eked out another round - maybe even two if I had just resorted to using my knees - and I still did for a couple reps here and there - and i think my whole last full round - so it wasn't a complete victory - but they still went comparatively really really well.

The jumping pull ups were ... probably too easy an option. It's just that even though my skin has healed, my hands are still really tender, and trying to kip just hurts - even taped. But i won't get there unless I work at it. so. no more being a baby.

I felt like my squats had really improved, too - but without a mirror it's hard for me to say for sure. Max was snapping pictures - i don't know whether he was taking videos too ... I'll ask him if he caught any of either media of my squats.

I think the enforced work and the enforced rest of the tabata structure works really really well for Cindy - or at least it did for me. The main thing it pointed out to me - and Daniel found this to be true too, is that in a normal WOD I wait too long to rest, and then rest too long. I found that with this structure I was super motivated to try to fit an exercise into a tabata period so that I could use the 'rest' time to transition between exercises. This was particularly important going from the squats to the pullups because i had to navigate up onto a box to reach the pullup bar, and if I was hurrying to do it in the middle of a tabata period, i was more likely to misstep and have to try again - wasting precious seconds.

If my splits are to be believed - and I think the earlier ones probably are accurate, I got through 7 rounds in the first 10 minutes.I nearly died when I'd gotten that far and Max said - ok - you're just about 1/3 of the way through. What?! only a third?! Considering that I got through 9 rounds in the whole 20 minutes last time, I was really amazed I was going so fast.

Another issue of note: this was my first workout in an intentionally fasted state. (As opposed to just poorly fed). If these results are any indication of performance in general, IF is amazing! We went to Rudy's for lunch afterward, and I made the mistake of having coffee with milk in it before our food came - and it was a LONG time before the food came - and I felt really jittery and out of sorts for a long time even after eating, which i didn't like. I suspect things wold have gone better if I had had a whole big glass of milk before the coffee.

So much for feeling bad about not seeing good performance. This totally rocked. Now if I can just get my pullups dialed, I'll be able to do it RX! Jumping pullups feel a little bit like cheating.

Oh yeah - and it was really nice to finally get in two clean climbs. There's definitely some muscle memory lacking, and some technique to re-learn, but it felt good all the same :)

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