Saturday, June 9, 2012 by Rebecca


Fitness 3x5 (3-2-X-2) Establish your first 3x5 for this cycle.  Leave room to add weight each week for the next 3 weeks.  It should feel medium heavy and look perfect. 3-2-X-2= 3 seconds down, 2 second pause, eXplode up, 2 second reset) Post loads to comments. Performance/Fitness For Time: Row 1000m 30 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches, Alternating Arms 30 Burpees Post time and Rx to comments. Front squat: 15-25-35-45-45 Nearly failed the last rep or 2 of the last set Metcon: 11:23 850m (split was slower than 2:20 for 2nd half) Snatches with 10# db - too easy for L, about right for R Burpees w/knee pushups