Friday, November 6, 2009 by Daniel

CrossFIt Total

Although I have a good idea of my one-rep max in all the movements, I've never actually done a real CFT before (ie, abiding by the rules, doing the lifts in the right order, etc). So tonight was a good chance to finally get this benchmark.

Back squat: 185 - 205 - 215
Shoulder press: 95 - 105(f) - 100
Deadlift: 285 - 305 - 325

CFT: 640

I totally blew up on the press - my PR on that is 115, and 105 should have gone up easily (100 did). Don't know quite what happened there. The squat was 5 pounds off PR and felt pretty good, the deadlift was 15 pounds off and felt very sketchy - my back was rounded to hell. Considering I haven't spent nearly any effort on limit strength since May, I'm happy with these numbers.

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