Friday, November 6, 2009 by Rebecca

Crossfit total

Back squat
75-90F-90! PR Match

55-65-70F New PR

145-155-157F PR Match

Total: 310

I am very excited by tonight's performance. I managed to match my back squat PR from June - when i had been back squatting every week for 12+ weeks, and I haven't done a single back squat since then.

I bbusted out an amazing 65# press - which matches my current 1RM for a push jerk - though admittedly my push jerk is a lot pressier because i haven't really mastered the second drop. Once I do, I should be able to manage a lot more weight. Right now, this is also my 1RM clean, but once i dial in my form on that a bit, I am sure i'll be able to get more weight up, too.

My deadlift was the only thing i thought I could have done better on. I was really hoping to get a new PR on that tonight. I can't help but wonder whether if I had tried 160 before 155 if I could have gotten it up. But I am quite happy with at least matching my old one which seemed to be a bit of a fluke on that deadlift relay we did a couple months ago.

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