Friday, May 22, 2009 by Rebecca


Warmup: 40 situps, 25 Vups, 20 hollow rocks, 10 kte.

Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 21 reps
12 Pull-ups


400mKB SwingPullups
Rd 12:15
Rd 22:25
5:55 (11:23)
Rd 32:30
6:07 (17:30)

This is over a minute better than my last time - both my running and my KB swings by almost 2 minutes a piece, but my pullups got longer by 3 minutes - which just tells me that I was using a more appropriate sub this time (the pull up times last time were a bit ridiculous). This time i used rings that were just at about wrist height so I could get a little jump in, but i was still doing mostly pulling. I could get 2-4 pullups in a set before failing.

I started this WOD on my own after pretty much everyone else who was doing Helen had finished (though long before anyone doing Eva was anywhere near done). My excuse was lack of kettlebells of the proper weight; I knew that Helen is relatively short, so I decided it would be just fine to start it late since I have my own watch. I nearly decided just to skip it all together. I was just feeling horribly unmotivated. I owe a debt of thanks to Polly who urged me to just get it done and reminded me that I'd feel better once I started.

I really tried to focus on going at a steady pace, eliminating as much transition time as i could - going from one exercise to the next and starting the reps even if i had not fully caught my breath yet. "Do a couple reps, breathe, more reps, breathe" I think it really helped.

I have to say that after all the volume heavy workouts we've done lately, Helen felt like a short sweet break of a workout. I feel much more energized, now. Though if I am going to continue to feel that way, I need to get to bed, now.

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Maximus Lewin said...

Your running is looking worlds better.

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