Thursday, September 25, 2008 by Rebecca


Warmup: 10 burpees, 20 pushups, 40 situps, 160m carying a 25# sandbag, 160 w/sandbag overhead

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups
Results - jumping pullups:
5 rounds 15-15-15-13-15

time HR# time HR
1:59 161 (pr!)
15 0:48 174
2:14 174
15 0:52 178
2:28 175
15 1:22 172
2:33 174
13 1:35 171
2:36 174
15 2:34 160
73 pullups

I'm not sure how close the GWPC roof run actually is to 400m, so I'm not sure whether to call it a PR.

I finished my last round a little early - not early enough to fit in another run and more pullups.

It one sense I wish I had done ring rows instead of jumping pullups because it's easier to figure out your max reps. With real pullups you stop as soon as you let go of the bar, but you can hang there trying to rest a bit to get the last few reps in. With jumping pullups, since you can reach the ground, it's hard to approximate that point of 'max' reps.

So - i think i could have done more reps at the beginning if I had been able to figure out what constituted "letting go of the bar". But, I definitely feel like i worked hard, so I'm not sad to have "lost" a few reps.

My first couple runs felt good - my last one was awful. My hips and knees hurt. i think that going around that little track puts undue stress on my inside leg - going round and round those corners. I wonder how long the "track" would be if we did a figure 8 around two sets of window banks? I probably also need to invest in a proper pair of running shoes. The bottoms of my feet always feel abraded after any significant amount of running.

Still - it was good not to be doing FGB ;-)

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