Wednesday, August 25, 2010 by Daniel

Clean practice

Complex: 1 squat clean, 1 front squat, 2 push-jerks



Tuesday, August 24, 2010 by Daniel

Hot fun in the summertime

It's summer at long last - months after it started for the rest of the country. Today got into the 90's, and for whatever reason, I was craving a scorcher workout in the sun - like we did last summer in games training. So I took off work a little earlier and headed to GWPC to catch up with this metcon in the blazing sun:

Run 400 Meters
21 Press 95/65
Run 400 Meters
21 Push-Press 95/65
Run 400 Meters
21 Push-Jerk 95/65

14:40 RX

It was HOT, but it felt good. The first round along took nearly 8 minutes, and was a basic strength workout - 95 pounds is a lot for me to press. The next two rounds got more metconny, and my throat and lungs were burning by the end. Max put a 15 minute limit on this one when CFEB did it a few days ago, and it was nice to know that I got in under the wire.

Monday, August 23, 2010 by Daniel


I totally blew this workout - chose a weight that was too high, and failed to notice that it specified squat cleans - so I did power cleans. My back hurt in a bad way afterwards - I was just stubborn and irresponsible.

A: Work up to a 1RM in the Snatch Grip Deadlift.

B: Perform as many reps as possible of Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 80% of 1RM

C: 30 Deadlift 135/95
15 Squat Clean 135/95
20 Deadlift 135/95
10 Squat Clean 135/95
10 Deadlift 135/95
5 Squat Clean 135/95

A: 255
B: 4 @ 200
C: 21-something (DNF) @ 125

The cleans were TERRIBLE. Just had a really hard time getting under the bar. Whatever technique gains I've made in this lift appear to have evaporated - really need to practice more popping and dropping.

Saturday, August 21, 2010 by Daniel

Snatch practice

2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 of the complex: 1 Squat Snatch, 1 Overhead Squat @ 50% of 1RM

Did all twelve sets at 65#. Took forever.

Thursday, August 19, 2010 by Daniel

How high?

A: Max height Box Jump

B: 3 rounds:
Run 400 meters
21 Burpee
12 KTE (Or GHD sit-ups)

A: 35"
B: 13:54, subbed 95# Good Mornings for the KTEs (protecting my ab)

My hamstrings were sore from this one for days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 by Daniel

2 PRs

3 short workouts today:


4:59 (subbed 2pd KB swings for pullups, due to ab injury)

Work to a 1RM Clean

150# (pr)

Truly awful form, but it got there.

Run 1 mile

5:47 (pr)


Monday, August 16, 2010 by Daniel

Ripped ab

I seem to have an injury in my abdominal muscles. I Couldn't do the WOD I had planned, so instead did:

10 rounds for time:
10 double-unders
10 KB swings (2 pd)
10 pistols (medium band assisted)


A bit nervous due to the injury, so I only went about 80% intensity on this. I liked incorporating the pistols into the workout- should do that more often, hopefully get to a reliable pistol sooner.

Off the menu for now: pullups, box jumps, sit-ups...

Thursday, August 12, 2010 by Daniel

Bodyweight chipper from hell

In any order, partitioned any way:

Run 5x800 meters

45 Handstand Push-Ups
45 C2B Pull-Ups
45 Ring Dips
45 Pistols
45 Toes-To-Bar
45 Burpees

Post time and partitioning scheme to comments.

DNF in 36 minutes

I appear to have messed up one of my abdominals in this workout. I thought it was due to the GHDs I did a week earlier, but now that I've been living with it a few days, my abs never hurt like this after that workout. They were REALLY sore all through camping, granted, and maybe I weakened them in that workout and then actually ripped something with the T2B. My first round went fine, and then something...tore, I guess. It got rapidly worse, and ultimately I just started cutting out the things that hurt. So I did all of the running, burpees, and pistols, and about half of everything else. Some of the HSPUs were kipping from the floor, but I don't like how that makes my neck feel, so I would switch to high-piking off a box. The pistols were band-assisted.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 by Daniel

Push presses and metcon

A: Work up to a 3RM in the Push-Press


B:Two rounds
12 Burpees
25 Box Jump 20"
25 Push-Ups
30 KB Swing 1.5P/1.0P
13 Burpees
20 Deadlift 225/155

16 minute limit.

DNF - made it to 5 deadlifts in the second round. Finished the workout anyway in 18:14.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 by Daniel

Grace (scaled)

A: Work up to a 1RM in the Snatch

B: "Grace"
30 reps for time G2O/H - 135/95
6 minute time limit

1RM full snatch: 95 (been stuck here a while)
Grace: 5:55, scaled to 115#

The weight felt way heavier than expected, and the first few reps were full of "are you SURE those bumpers say 35?" Once I knuckled down and kept knocking them out, though, it got...well, tolerable I guess, if not easy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 by Daniel

Pretty easy metcon

In sympathy, I suppose, for our busted backs and shoulders from the last couple days, Max programmed this relatively lightweight metcon for today:

Four rounds for time:
  • Run 300m
  • 50 Double-unders
  • 50 Sit-ups (subbed 25 GHD situps)

I didn't do this with the class, but at GWPC (had a client). I figured since I was doing it on my own, I might as well use the GHD to prevent Bleeding Ass Syndrome from the high-rep sit-ups and to take advantage of the full ROM. GHDs are definitely much harder than regular sit-ups. I don't know if they're TWICE as hard, but it's definitely a lot scarier to feel like you're going to fail a rep.

First round was 4 minutes, last round was 6 minutes, two middle rounds were essentially 5. Didn't have any trouble with the DU's until the last round, which was unusually tricky - maybe because of the wobbly core?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 by Daniel

Not Quite Nancy

A: In 20 minutes work up to a 3RM Hang Snatch.

B: 3 rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
15 OHS 95/65

A: #95
B: 12:06, scaled to 85#. (DNF)

Another technical DNF. The time limit for <95# on this workout was 10 minutes, 12 minutes for 95+. So I was well over the line this time, but I wanted to finish anyway.

Got a full set of 15 the first round, then completely lost the thread in the second round, losing a ton of time in no-rep sets where I just couldn't keep the bar overhead. Finally I got my shit together and finished the set, and (oddly enough) the third set went pretty quickly in 12+3. Goes to show what a mental game OHS are.

Monday, August 2, 2010 by Daniel

"Death By" Barbell

OK, I call shenanigans on this one. A "Death by" workout is a real thing in CrossFit: one X movement the first minute, two the second, and so on until you fail. This is a sensible application of the name, as it is your failure to continue that ends the workout - ie, death. This shit is not "Death by". It's just posturing to make a tough name for a hard workout.

"Death by Barbell" Via Lalanne Fitness
Five rounds for time:
15 Deadlift #135/95
12 Hang Power Clean #135/95
9 Front Squat #135/95
6 Push Jerk #135/95

25:16, scaled to 115#.

I mean, don't get me wrong: it IS a hard workout. Brutally hard, in fact - I'd rank it about an 8/10 on the suck-o-meter. It's just not "Death By." It's "DT" with more stuff and less weight.

There was a 25 minute cutoff on this workout, so technically I DNF'd. But I only had 3 push-jerks left, and I'll be damned if I wasn't going to finish them.

The hardest part was the cleans, followed by the front squats. The deadlifts were just an annoyance to get through, and the push-jerks were short enough that I got through them in one set 3 or 4/5ths of the time. I started breaking up the cleans in the second round: never a good sign.