Sunday, February 15, 2009 by Daniel

Hey Sweet Annie

I used to be embarrassed by my press. I thought it was the weakest of my lifts (except maybe for bench), and did not anticipate doing well for today's 1RM Firebreather. And...well, I didn't do well. My press IS weak. However, looking at the spread of other people in class, I fall in about the same place (DFL among men) as I did for the squat, so I suppose my press is not actually relatively weaker than my other lifts. I'm just weak all over. Yay. :\

Press 1RM - best of 5 attempts (Press 1-1-1-1-1)


So my new 1RM for shoulder press is 105, or 60% BW. I don't think I'm far off with 110 - I could really just stand to do this more often to really nail the form. My point of failure is the inch or two directly over my head - which, I think, is a bit higher than where most people fail.

Max as much as told me not to go to the metcon class this morning, as it would diminish my 1RM, so we resolved to do something after Firebreathers (half-volume week is over, and I was eager to do something for realsies). We couldn't do the AMRAP from the morning because Max had a private client, so we grabbed jumpropes and headed up to the yoga room for Annie.

For time:

12:32 RX
(splits: 3:37 | 3:18 | 2:55 | 1:49 | 0:51)

This was my first time with Annie. I quite liked it, and it felt really good being back in action for a full workout. My double-unders are not yet chained together, but I can fairly consistently knock out a dozen or so skip-double-unders at a time, so I'm not as useless with them as I've been historically. I actually lose most of my time in resetting the jumprope when I screw up. My situps were fast, and nearly entirely unbroken.


Jenn said...

I have yet to try Annie - the double-unders would get me all bolluxed up.

Nice job with the presses. A PR is still a PR. And you're right about the point of failure; I think most people fail at the point right in front of their noses.

Ynez Arce said...

Great job Danny Boy!

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