Sunday, February 15, 2009 by Rebecca

Better Intensity

Warmup: 800m, ME, 10 Rock n' Rolls, 15 pullup-attempts, KB snatch drills ... forget if there was anything else.

For time:

50 Double-unders
2 Pood/1.5 Pood Hang Snatch, 50 reps
50 Clap Push-Ups
50 Double-unders

50 DU = 50 tuck jumps (TJ) + 50 skips
snatches: alternating reps 12kg L -> 8kg R
Pushups: "hopping" pushups.


50 Tuck
50 Skips
50 Snatch
25 Hop PU
25 Hop PU
50 Tuck
50 Skips

When I woke up this morning the worst of my DOMS from the past few days was thankfully gone.

We got to class a few minutes early today - a very rare occurence for me. While I had the room mostly to myself, I decided to try to get some pull-up practice in, but stopped when i couldn't even pull my shoulderblades down my back or get a decent kip going. So I got some jump roping in instead which helped me pre-warmup a bit. However, the run still felt really sluggish.

The rock n' rolls felt good. I actually really love this warmup exercise - it definitely loosens up my perpetually tight hips and hamstrings. I also tried a couple of the reverse burpee motions (basically jump/kipping to a standing position from lying on your back) that Ev said helped her figure out the kip And then I really surprised myself with 15 really decent pullup attempts in 3 sets 8-5-2. I managed to get a really good kip going - I just don't have the strength to complete the pull. Max actually said (half-jokingly) that maybe doing some work on the stupid pull down machine might actually help me. For all I know it actually might. I wish resistance bands weren't so difficult to get in and out of ... I can't really imagine using them on either the BIW or the GWPC pullup bars in a WOD. But maybe I could use them at home ...

Anyway. the WOD:

It was hard.

Max decided the sub for DU would be 50 Tuck jumps plus 50 skips instead of the usual 50 tuck jumps - which suck plenty all on their own. I was somewhat taken aback that he felt he needed to make the sub harder. In reality 50 single skips is nothin. I think I did them in two sets the first round and continuously unbroken for the second. The tuck jumps were still ridiculously hard. I am just not a bouncy or springy person. In the second round I saw some people doing TJ-little hop-TJ-little hop (like doing DU-skip-DU-skip) instead of the TJ-land-reset-TJ-land-reset that I was doing, and I decided to try it. Although my second time was slower than my first, I think it made it easier to string TJ together. Although aerobic capacity took a bigger hit that way too - which might be why it took a little longer - i had to keep stopping to catch my breath.

The snatches were a little dissapointing. I had this movement dialed like 1-2 months ago. But I haven't done them since then, and whatever I had figured out has gone away again, although they were definitely feeling a bit smoother somewhere in the middle after I warmed up but before i got really tired out. I opted to use the 12kg on my left and the 8kg on the right because these were supposed to be HEAVY and not particularly fast. Unfortunately I can't really stabilize the 12kg with my right arm, but the 8kg is a little lighter than I'd like. I started with my left and did as many as I could before my form started to get scary - somewhere between 5 & 8. Then I moved to the R and got to 15 total snatches, at which point I decided to do 10 per side, regardless.

The timing for the hopping pushups is in two segmentsonly because i accidentally hit the lap button on my watch when I collapsed after #25 - I was just lucky it was right in the middle.

I was pretty quickly reduced to only being able to do these 2 at a time, but I did hopping pushups for the whole 50 pushups.

Overall I think my intensity was better that it has been recently, and that's something to be happy about.

(I started this post on saturday and got through the paragraph about the snatches. Now it is tuesday and I just want to get this post finished ... so that explains the abrupt switch from verbose to terse.)

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