Wednesday, September 17, 2008 by Rebecca

Murph Gone Bad - 62%

Warmup: 10 rock n rolls, 10 sun salutations, run prep

"Murph Gone Bad"

Run One Mile
100 calorie row
100 wall-ball 10#
100 KB SDHP 16KG
100 box jumps 20" Box *sub 10"
100 push-press 30#
Run one mile

1:04:22 - 62%

Splits - rounds of 20 Reps
Run 1 mile: 11:41
Round 1: 12:55
Round 2: 13:21
Round 3: 17:27 (included an extra 10 box jumps while waiting for final row)
Transition: 1:41
Run(mostly walk) 800m: 7:06

Whew. This workout was a beast. I guess I'm not too surprised that last round was so slow. A little disappointed - but i think i spent a good chunk of time waiting for equipment. (not maybe a whole 4 minutes)

The first run was ... weird. I was able to do the whole mile with just two short walking segments 1 after the first half mile and 1 about half way through the second half mile. It was weird because my muscles felt pretty strong, but I was having trouble regulating my breathing and a side stitch was hovering right there the WHOLE run, but never really bit me hard.

I think that going for 5 rounds of 20 reps was a little overly ambitious, and i should have stuck to 10 reps - i spent a lot of time resting between reps 10, 15 and 20, that I could have been using working different muscles on a different exercise. - Except that much of my rest time was just trying to catch my breath, so I'm actually not sure that switching between exercises more actually would have helped ... I wish i had my heart rate monitor on, today, but i'm pretty sure it would have told me it was just high, all the time.

Max helped me figure out a way to use the wall for a little balance support for the box jumps, so i was able to jump to the 10" box instead of stepping up to the 20" box. I'd be curious to try the same technique with the taller box - but not in the middle of a workout like this one. The first jump was always the hardest - ie scariest. But once i got started they were totally manageable.

The coolest part of the workout was how consistent my wall ball was. There were, of course, a few reps that didn't go quite high enough, but the majority of the 60 reps I did were high enough and accurate and actually hit the X. This exercise is definitely the most improved, although I still can't quite chain the reps together. but it wasn't that long ago - 6 weeks? - that I was just super excited to get ONE. I guess I need to try it with the 14# ball. I expect it will be much harder, but I think I might actually have some hope of getting it up there.

Another achievement for the evening is doing 20 SDHP with the 55# KB. There was a backup for the rower, and the sub was doing a 55# SDHP for each calorie. The most I've ever done is the 44# weight, but I managed to get 20 done - by taking breaks to go do other exercises when i reached muscular failure - i think i took breaks @ #2, 8, 13,17 - after 2 I went to go see if maybe the other rower was available >:), the break @ 13 is when i got my extra 10 box jumps in, i think.

The last run was more of a pained walk - yes 7 minutes to go half a mile. I don't think the shoes i was wearing are any good for running. My feet really hurt, and my toes were cramping and sort of folding up in my shoes, and after about 200m the side stitch that had threatened all the way through the first run was right there and a lot more vicious. So I decided to call it quits at .5 miles. I figured I only did 60% of the workout, 75% of the 'running' would be sufficient - especially since it was more of an amble.

I would like to have gotten 70 or 80% complete, but i am still pretty happy with what i did accomplish. Regardless of performance, it has been a great improvement on my mood. I haven't gotten to work out since Saturday, and with work and family and election stress I've been in a really bad mood the past few days. Hooray for endorphins and the mood equalizing effect of a good workout. Maybe I'll actually be able to focus at work tomorrow - but only if i get my butt to bed.


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