Thursday, September 18, 2008 by Daniel


Tonight was a bit of an odd one, as Rebecca had a PT appointment with Max an hour before class, so since I went with her I had some gym time butting right up against a CF class. I decided I'd start sketching out my new 5x5 plan: pullups & dips, with a side of static compression holds. All of this is with the ultimate goal of a muscle-up and a 30-second L-sit.

So, the workout was:
Pullups (unweighted): 5x5
Dips (unweighted): 5x5
Static leg-raises in the Captain's chair

The pullups were OK. I did them on the rings, slow and controlled with ZERO kip allowed, absolutely full ROM. I would start as a pullup and rotate to a chinup as I went - I don't know why, it's just comfortable for me that way. The last rep was always a challenge, but doable.

The dips....SUCKED. I have discovered a heretofore unknown deficiency in my capabilities: I can't dip for shit. I THOUGHT I was quite good at dips, but I was misinformed - my ROM was terrible. Going down as deep as I could tonight, I still couldn't hit maximum depth, and it felt like it was tearing up my front deltoid. GWPC doesn't have rings low enough for ring dips, but this is what I want to be working on, ideally. I have a ways to go on these...not sure when the right time to start adding weight will be.

The leg-raises were also pretty horrible. I got two 10-second rounds, and then managed to eke out a 15-second one. These are really hard. Damn long legs. I still can't do Richard Vanmeerbeek's sitting leg raises worth a damn, so I'll need to work up to those.

Then it was time for class, which had some warmup jazz before:
Three rounds of:
Double-Unders (Reps)
Double-Unders (Reps)
Burpees (Reps)
Double-Unders (Reps)

60 RX (ha!)

I'd already done 30 burpees this morning, so only really needed 37 more, but I did 10 every round anyway (for a total of 60). I did not get a single legitimate double-under (thus the pathetic score). But it wasn't for lack of trying - I was still hopping around and thrashing my legs with the damn rope. Add this to the long list of things I wish I could do but, for the moment, can't really.


Evelyn Rodas said...

Are you doing dips on rings or bars? It might be good to work on them on bar too, since you can focus on triceps without having to stabilize. Dips and leg raises are both very difficult. It will come. Ditto on double unders.
Incidentally, I still can't do an L-sit for even a few seconds, to save my life and have never gotten full rom ringdips.

Daniel said...

Well, yesterday they were on bars b/c GWPC doesn't have dippable rings in the weight room, but in general I intend to do them on rings. If I ever want to get a muscle-up (and I do, I do), then I'll really need to get my dip-shit together.

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