Wednesday, July 9, 2008 by Rebecca


So, I've been doing battle with a migraine since Monday. Monday was the only really bad day - when I actually left work early and came home and just slept the entire afternoon. Yesterday and today have been essentially fine, except that I can still feel the pressure lying in wait - and occasionally it will flare up - particularly with sudden movements. Like standing up. :-| Headache pressure brings queasiness with it, which is a really fun 1-2 punch.

There was a window of an hour or two this afternoon when i thought the headache had finally left me, and I made plans with Daniel to attend tonight's CF class. I wasn't sure whether the headache was going to stay gone, but I knew that if I did not attend tonight's class A) I would end up staying way later than I should @ work, and B) I wouldn't really have another opportunity for exercise until Friday. So - Today's WOD:

For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

I thought I would maybe try a 50% Angie, figuring I could always stop if things got ugly.

So - even though the headache was back when it was time to head to class, I went. I was slow getting dressed so missed much of the warm up. I got there just as they were about to run 800m. I decided to run 400 and see how i did. It was slow. Daniel actually finished his 800 just before I finished my 400, but I was able to run the whole thing without stopping, and I did not feel any worse than I had when i started, which was encouraging.

Due to limited pull up locations with assistance, I was sharing a gravitron Machine with a classmate, that I'd never used before - it's powered by an air compressor of all things! Getting it set up was kind of tricky, and we ended up with a fairly easy setting, so I decided to do all 100 pullups when i got to 50 and wasn't tired. By the time I finished the pull ups, I was feeling pretty good, and thought I might decide to try to tackle the full workout.

I got started on the pushups, and I think my first 2-3 may actually have been full ROM! no Knees! That didn't last long though. My first set was a set of 10, but I pretty much immediately moved to sets of 5. By the time I reached 50 I was feeling pretty queasy again. I thought I could probably try to push through it, but I decided that it was probably smarter not to tempt my headache into a full relapse for another missed day of work.

I rested for quite a while after the 50 pushups. Mostly considering whether I should just stop altogether. But the hardest part was over, and I figured a few situps wouldn't kill me.

I did 50 slowish, but entirely consecutive situps. By this time class was nearly over, and the folks from the yoga class that was about to start wanted to get into the room. I headed down stairs to wait for Daniel. Again I though about just being done, but Daniel was still working on his pushups, so I had a few minutes to wait, so I decided to try the squats.

I actually had a bit of a breakthrough with the squats. I did 50 consecutive, full ROM . Slowish, but steady. I finally figured out how to 'make room' for my hips by keeping my feet apart and angled out which allowed me to get below parallel without losing my balance. That was pretty cool. :)

Afterwards, while I was waiting for DanielI tried a couple pull-ups on the downstairs gravitron - the one i ususally use, and I could definitely have been using the 80# setting. I could even do 1 or 2 at the 70# setting - but that was really hard. I definitely couldn't do a huge number of reps @ that level, but it's more than I could do before. Which is progress!

So - overall a sort of blah workout - but good progress on pushups and squats. And after showering and resting a bit I actually felt pretty good for a while, so I'm really glad I did it.

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