Thursday, June 11, 2009 by Daniel

Back Squat 1RM

Test time! Last time I tested my 1RM Back Squat, back in February, I managed 190. The strength cycle was specifically designed to get that up, so how did it go?

Back Squat x 1: 210 - 220 - 225(f) - 225(f) - 225(f) - 220 - 225(f)

As you can see, I really wanted that 225 - four 45# plates! - and I just couldn't manage it. Frustrating as hell, but it is still 30 pounds higher than it was four months ago.

My failure at squatting feels like it is more a fault of form than of strength, and puts way too much stress on my back. Something I continue to work on. No more back squats for a while, though - it's strengthening the wrong parts of my body, and ingraining poor form habits. Front and overhead squats only for the next cycle. Those'll keep me honest. And, hopefully, upright.

By the time I was done with the squats, my biceps were KILLING me. Like, Friday-night-level killing me. I am not clear on why squats should fuck up my biceps, though Rebecca professes to be unsurprised. At any rate, conditions were not auspicious to test my 1RM bench press, so I'll have to do that later. Perhaps tomorrow... I'm really not sure I'm up for Murph. I'm supposed to be taking it easy for the next week so I can be fresh for my certification next weekend, and my hands are barely recovered from the KB snatches on Sunday that ripped them up.

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