Friday, April 30, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: Run 800m

Warmup WOD:

5:20 (or so). These were the first "full speed" burpees I've done in a while - although i say "full speed" because they still weren't terribly fast. They went ok.


5x3 hang squat cleans


I got 3 or 4 sets done, and then I just started just working on getting my chest upright on the squat, and then my right knee started hurting, so I called it a day.


Amrap in 20 minutes
5 push-press 95#
10 pullups
15 box jumps 24"

8 rounds + 5 push-press

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: 1000m row, ME

20 rep Front Squat 45#

this felt hard starting at rep 3.  but i gutted it out and made it all the way through.

DT 'Light'

5 Rounds
12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push-Jerk

Used 58#


3:45 5:43; 3:21; 5:36; 4:53

I had to take one of my shoes off to fix my sock  in round 2, so I might have been able to do this closer to 21 min.

65# is my current 1rm for cleans - but i also haven't tested it in a while - There's a good possibility it's a little bit higher, but this is still a pretty high percentage of my 1 RM

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 by Rebecca

2010-04-27 - FGB

Last Time

ExerciseSet 1Set 2Set 3Total
Wall Ball *10#2338
Box Step-ups13141542

Not too bad considering I wasn't planning on doing this, and I was freezing when I started. Not great either, though. Everything was down across the board.

Monday, April 26, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: run 800m, ME

Mini-metcon: 8:05
Each followed by 'gate sprint' approx 35m

40 situps
30 squats
20 pushups
10 jumping pullups (attempt-they were pretty pathetic)

I was last by nearly 2 minutes. The sprints were anything but. my legs just felt like lead, and they kept threatening to give out on me, so they were more jogs or even shuffles.

A couple brief handstand attempts

Spent most of the evening working on right legged pistols. (sitting down to and standing up from a stack of 3 55# and 1 25# bumpers)

Left to it's own devices my right hip and right knee do not track correctly over my foot. My knee tracks to the inside and my hip swings way out to the right. It's some very strange geometry, and I have to really concentrate and literally force them into the right path. It feels extremely remedial, and is therefore very frustrating and even a little embarrassing. But it's definitely the right thing to be working on. *le sigh*

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Sunday, April 25, 2010 by Rebecca

2010-04-25 lake merritt

ran Lake Merritt today in 39:43

4.5 minutes slower than the last time i did it.

watch was set to 4 min run 1:30 walk intervals

first walk was at 15:00 min, ran the full 4 minutes of every 'run' interval (barely :p)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: Row 1000m

Deadlift 1RM attempt

95 x 5
125 x 2
145 (f)
135 x 1
145 x 1
155 (f)
150 x 1
155 x 1

it was a relatively short workout because we got kicked out of our space by a north face office party.

Matched my PR from September. really wanted 160 but it just wasn't moving. should have tried 157.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: run 800m, some squat practice

20 rep front squat:

Was supposed to find deadlift 1rm, but while there were bars available all the weights were in use and all the bars people were using were to heavy for me to work in so I skipped it. Yep I'm a quitter :-p

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Monday, April 19, 2010 by Rebecca


Warm up: run 800m, ME

warm up WOD:
1 min max rep burpees, 1 min static plank hold, 1 min max rep burpees, 1 min static squat hold, 1 min burpees, 1 min static hang.
Score: 29 burpees

5 rounds:

12 Deadlift 95/65
9 Hang Clean 95/65
6 Push-Jerk 95/65
*subbed 53#

2:25; 3:36; 3:12; 3:07; 3:45

Judging by my time, and by my internal gauge of how hard I worked, i think this was the right weight. I took slightly longer breaks than i usually would, but it was my goal to get a complete set of movements done before i put the bar down, and I needed a little extra rest to accomplish that. my attempts were mostly successful except in the last round. And in general, my jerks were more jerk-like and less press-like than they've been historically - though there were still reps with press-out for the last few inches. I also really have to consciously work to keep weight on both feet. I found myself almost exclusively on my left foot a lot of the time.

I seem to have rediscovered the will and the ability to work hard in my workouts. It's nice.

Saturday, April 17, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: Run 400m, burpees, pushups, piked pushups, jumping C2B pullups

Run 800 Meters
100 Double-Unders (only did 50)
Run 600 Meters
50 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1.0P
Run 400 Meters
25 Burpees (stepping, not jumping - for the record, just as hard.)
Run 200 Meters
13 Thruster 115/75 (45# front squats)


800m: 5:13
50 DU: 7:50 (included bathroom break)
600m: 4:04
50 1P KB swings: 6:46
400M: 2:54
25 burpees: 4:07
200m: 1:33
13 45# front squat: 4:15

This is the hardest I have worked in months and I am certainly paying for it now - but it's the good kind of "I worked hard" sore, and not the "I think I damaged myself" sore which is pretty awesome.

It's the first time I've run instead of subbing rowing in months, too, and it actually went just fine; not fast, or anything, but not problematic for any of my stupid nagging injuries.

My original goal for the double-unders was only 25 - i was afraid that all that jumping would really aggravate my knees, but they were going so well - I got several consecutive (Jump, skip, jump style)- I decided to go for 50. I think that was the right number - because by the time I was done with them just about everyone else was done with theirs, too. I was pretty pleased with how well these went.

When I got to the KB I didn't know whether i was going to just do 25 and stick to 50% volume for all the exercises, or do the whole thing. I decided to tough it out.

I did not jump my feet back or forward on the burpees - I've found that jumping them forward to that really low squat is one thing that is guaranteed to aggravate my knee. I did do a jump and a clap once i was on my feet. I thought these would be easier than regular burpees. they were not. Because I was not jumping forward, they were a lot more like pushups, and between the pushups from the warmup, and the largish quantity of pushups the day before, my arms were not interested in helping out. I found them to be at least as winding as regular burpees. Maybe I'm just out of practice.

The front squats were also just about as hard as I could manage and still pretend to keep any sort of decent form. I opted for them over thrusters again because of my knees. I probably should have incorporated a push-press component - but just the front squats felt plenty hard enough.

Friday, April 16, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: Row 1000, burpees, Max Rep Pushup: 22

20RM Back Squat 5/12 (DNS - tweaked my knee a little doing burpees or warming up for the squats)

Followed by:

AMRAP* in 20 minutes:

10 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
10 V-Ups

Results: 6 rounds, 10 pull-ups

1:57; 2:49; 2:10*; 4:42*; 3:41; 3:27; 1:08;
* accidentally hit the lap button while doing pushups - round 3 really took about 3:10 and round 4 really took about 3:42.

Thursday, April 15, 2010 by Daniel


Five rounds for time of:
155/105 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155/105 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155/105 pound Push jerk, 6 reps

15:11 scaled to #115

5 minutes faster and 10# heavier than a year ago, but I was nursing an injured shoulder and sharing a bar that time, so the improvement is not as great as I'd thought at first. Still, it went pretty well. Need to work on my power cleans.

Monday, April 12, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: 8 min or so on the eliptical bike - i was late to class and had to find my own thing out of the way.

15 Overhead Squats 115/75
21 C2B Pull-Ups
12 Overhead Squats 115/75
15 C2B Pull-Ups
9 Overhead Squats 115/75
9 C2B Pull-Ups

I subbed 15# OHS and 1P KB swings - again - i was late and I didn't have time to set up a band at a bar and I could do KB swings outside out of the way.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010 by Daniel

They're calling it "the Gauntlet"

I put two classes through this on Sunday, and it looked like hell. So, when it came time to decide what to do today, I figured "what the hell, I haven't done a big WOD in a while," and jumped in. Surprisingly, Joe D, Brandon, Andre and John all signed on as well.

In 30 minutes...
Run 1 mile
50 KB Swings (2P)
50 Burpees
In remaining time, perform AMRAP
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Score is number of rounds completed.

7 rounds + 3 pull-ups RX
(Splits: mile 6:16, KB 4:20, burpees 5:50, round 1-2:10, round 2-2:37, round 3-2:30, round 4-1:35, round 5-1:44, round 6-1:37, round 7-1:08)

That was satisfyingly horrible. For only being 30 minutes, it lasted forEVER, and the Cindy rounds were brutal. It's nice to see I generally sped up on them (really pushed that last round hard) rather than the other way around, but (as always) it was the pushups that really held me back.

Monday, April 5, 2010 by Rebecca


20RM Squat - 30# Front Squat

Post load to comments.

Followed by:


Jump Squat

Subbed 50% jumps to a low set of weights (2 55# bumpers) no squat 25-20-15-10-5
did full volume of situps

3:58; 3:36; 2:50; 1:52; 1:03;


Front squat x 20: 80

Much harder than it was at 75. Because I didn't go heavy first? Didn't wear lifting shoes? I think when I can, I'd rather do a 3x5 of something heavier first on this, then drop down for the big set.



My first Annie since I got reliable double-unders, and it knocked 3 minutes off my time from a year or so ago. Unfortunately, my situps are still too damn slow.