Sunday, October 5, 2008 by Daniel


Today's CFEB workouts were sprints and then playing with a bunch of different stuff, both of which were very tempting, but there were a couple problems: on sprinting, I'd be forced to use the rower, so I'd be all by myself, which isn't much fun, and the playground exercises looked like killers for either my shoulder or my ankle.

Meanwhile, Rebecca wanted to go to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass with Ynez, and they wanted an early start, so they were thinking of hooking up at 10 at Ironworks to do Michael (a hands-free workout, since Rebecca's hands are thrashed). I figured I'd join them. Rebecca mentioned it on Facebook, and Evelyn, Maeve and Nick all decided to come, too! So we had an impromptu mini-CF class all our own.

For time:
3 rounds of
Run 800m (sub: row 1000m)
50 Sit-ups
50 Back Extensions

29:23 RX (PR)

The nice thing about the rower is it keeps you honest. I kept the pace a little below 2:00/500m, so every session was ~4 minutes. I did my sit-ups on the big-ass tire outside, which worked well, except it made my shoes filthy. Those are definitely harder than regular sit-ups. Back extensions were done properly on the back extension "machine" inside.

I could have had a faster time, but for the transitions - walking up and down stairs, inside and out took a chunk of time. Still, it was fun, and after the last couple workout debacles it felt good to finish a workout properly.

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