Thursday, October 23, 2008 by Rebecca

Diane #1

Warmup: Mobility Exercises, squat jump ... things, run 400m, waiting and watching 2 rounds of Diane :-p

3 rounds for time of 21-15-9
Deadlift 225/155 Pounds
Handstand Push-Ups

15:11 - subbed 97# deadlift and pike position HSPU off a chair.


Wow - well looking at my HR it's clear why I didn't feel totally gassed after this. It was hard, but I didn't feel like i needed a shower after class. I guess I am not good enough at these movements to do them fast enough for a metcon effect ... or something?

It was a close call whether we were even going to go to class today, and when, due to a shortage of bars, it became clear that I was going to have to wait for round 3 to start, and any weight I tried to deadlift just felt ridiculously heavy, i seriously considered just not doing it at all.

However, stubborness prevailed, and I got a baby bar set up with 95# , and started with group 3. I know that 95# on an oly bar = 95# on a 'baby' bar, but for some reason I find it much harder to lift. Maybe it's just becauseit's close to the ground. But for whatever reason my first set of DL just sucked - and took for frickin' ever.

Fortunatately, by the time I finished my HSPU, a classmate who was also using 95# but on a regualr oly bar was finished, and so I was able to use her bar, and the DL went MUCH better. The time for the second round is a little long because i paused to grab bloks to set the weight on to get it to regualr DL height. Peopel had been using them as head targets for their HSPU, but by that time, no one was using them anymore.

The few HSPU I tried before class were quite pitiful, and I was not expecting to be able to get any knid of significant range of motion during the workout, but I think the DL loosened me up a bit and got my blood flowing so that I was actually able to get a pretty good ROM for most reps.
Max said a couple times that these were looking particularly good. If i could find a non-terrifying way of kicking up to the wall, I'd try them against a wall ... but that has to be some other day when it's not part of a WOD, and I can just practice a bit.

Overall, I'm happy I stuck around and did the workout, and I'm fairly satisfied with my time. I wish i could have started with a real oly bar - I'm relatively certain my time would have been better. But - as Max pointed out when I was lamenting being such a weakling today that a 95# DL felt really heavy- yesterday's workout was a huge amount of volume - possibly more than I've ever done - and definitely more than I've done in one WOD recently - so I shouldn't expect to be working at 100%. And - as Daniel pointed out - a couple months ago a 95# DL was my 1 rep max, and I did 45 reps of it today.

It always comes down to perspective.

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