Wednesday, March 25, 2009 by Rebecca


11:45-7:45 Slept very well until cone-head cat started pitching a fit around 7:40. Decided to just get up

  • 500m Row - 2:10 - incidentally, my best time ever is 2:07 - and I only really started pushing hard in the last half of the row or so, so I am sure I can do better - though this WAS supposed to be just a warmup,
  • ME
  • 2 lame kip attempts (still a little winded from the row, i think)
  • 1 pullup - ugly but legit. Another kip DH hybrid. I got up pretty far with my kip, but really had to fight for that last 4-6 inches.
  • 1 headstand. got up on my first try, but completely lost my sense of up and down on the way down and crumpled over to the side. bad dismount.
For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
*subbed 10# ball

Results (sets of 10):






*stopped for a drink of water

Well, it was only a 10# ball, and while I am sure I was good about going low enough for the launch, my knees were all over the place, and, worse, my catching form was atrocious. I cannot seem to catch the ball in such a way as to be able to link 2 together, so I spent a lot of time resetting. But I did 150 wall ball today. And, as Daniel pointed out, it wasn't all that very long ago when I couldn't do any, and it was my goal just to be able to hit that stupid X once. So - there has been plenty of progress here - but there is still a long long road to go before these are anything like decent.

It's interesting that my 2nd and my 14th rounds were the best time-wise. Once again, this was a workout where my strength capacity gave out well before my aerobic capacity. I had to stop and rest because I had to wait for my muscles to regenerate the ability to produce force. I rarely felt truly winded. At some point, I'd like to try these with a very light ball - like a beach ball or a basketball or something - just to work on the form of being able to string them together.

9:00 - 6 oz black coffee
12:25 - cottage cheese w/ non roasted slivered almonds. substandard :-p but still tasty. 12oz coffee w/ 3/4 cup milk
4:40 - 1/2 serving North African CHicken Stew - with Almonds
7:00 - 16 oz milk
8:30 - BBQ Chicken - leg, thigh, back, 1 medium sized yam, 3.4 cup sauteed spinach with walnuts.
9:00 - 1 multiv, 2 glucosamine, 4 omega-3
11:45 - 2 zma


Maximus Lewin said...

As you and James found, these WODs can be very failure inducing - you see this is not a Metcon: any monomodal WOD is by definition punish the exact same muscles over and over and over, hence the failure-ness.

Pull-up looked awesome, not ugly. Wall-ball form is, I think, better than you imagine. It might behoove you to start doing tons and tons of WB it might target your deficiencies with neuromuscular re-mapping.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Max :-)

So where's the best place to report on my complete lack of DOMS? ;-)

You're probably right about the tons of wall ball helping me out. Yuck. I'll try to work in as a "cash out" - especially now that it's light later - i can use the outside wall.

YPA said...

Becks, I'll do some wall ball practice with you. We'll destroy Karen.

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