Tuesday, March 24, 2009 by Rebecca

I am feisty.

12:25-7:50 - pretty restful.

Rest Day!

8:45 - 3 egg cheesy scramble, 1/2 piece turkey bacon, 10 oz coffee 2/3 cup milk
1:00 - 2oz spiced cashews
3:30 - 1 cup of North African Chicken stew. :-) Sans Almonds :-(
7:00 - I am abundant, I am Festive, I am Perfect a la Mode. We took an out-of-town friend to Cafe Gratitude. They have the best pecan pie in the whole wide world (I am Perfect). It is pretty much just nut and date paste instead of the sickly sweet syrup that most real pecan pies are made of. It is divine. And the Macadamia Nut crust is so good!

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