Thursday, December 11, 2008 by Rebecca

75% Murph and my first real mile!

Warm up: ... not quite enough. run 200-ish m some jump rope.


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

50:17 (PR)

1 mile: 10:12!! (entirely separate from above) PR! woo hoo!

Cindy Style Rounds:
1 - 2:30 - 12:43
2 - 1:58 - 14:41
3 - 2:07 - 16:49
4 - 1:27 - 18:16
5 - 2:26 - 20:43
6 - 1:47 - 20:30
7 - 2:00 - 24:30
8 - 1:48 - 26:18
9 - 2:19 - 28:38
10 - 2:08 - 30:46
11 - 2:34 - 33:20
12 - 2:29 - 35.49
13 - 2:48 - 38:37
14 - 2:50 - 41:27
15 - 2:06 - 43:33

Transition: 1:00 - 43:44

1/2 mile: 5:43 - 50:17

* subbed jumping pullups from a low box

First of all - this workout marks the very first time since I started crossfit that I've run a whole mile without stopping to walk ONCE!

At the outset, I actually did not have high hopes for the run, because on the initial warmup run, I had not warmed up sufficiently before i set off, and my right ankle threatened to give out on me - three times! It even twinged a bit towards the end of the first 800m of the mile, and I fully considered leaving it at 800m since a mile @ the oakland gym is 2 x around the block, but by the time I reached the starting position, it felt ok, and I decided to see if I could keep going. I figured if it really started hurnting I could go in the front door of the gym on the other side of the block, but other than that, I felt pretty good, and I wanted to see if I could finish the mile.

This is a milestone I am super excited to have reached. Many thanks to Jim, who stuck around at the back of the pack to make sure I had company, particularly for the last 400m or so. The area around the Oakland gym can be a bit sketchy, and I definitely appreciated it. It was also a good motivator to keep on going so that I didn't hold him up any more than I had to.

Second of all - I did 75% of this workout about 15 minutes (!!!) faster than the last time I did 75% ... I've done 50% more recently, with a time that was closer to being on par with this one ... but I was @ 33:23 after half my rounds, and I was nearly 3 minutes ahead of that this time through, too. So big improvements all around.

I was still feeling really strong through round 10, but almost immediately after that, things started to fall apart. My pushups deteriorated rapidly, and even my squats started to get difficult. For most of the night (except the first couple and last couple rounds) my pushups were sets of 5-3-2. WIth my squats, I was working hard to try to keep my right knee stable as much as possible, so my right leg started getting pretty fatigued. I did try to make sure that despite the fatigue I didn't resort to doing lopsided squats where my left leg did most of the work.

I probably could have completed the full workout, but I knew my form would just deteriorate further, and it would probably have taken me anouther 20 minutes or more. We were also supposed to have dinner with friends afterwards, and I didn't want to be a total zombie. So after round 15 I ran 800m and called it a night. I even managed to run the entire last 800m which I count as a small victory, even if it was an incredibly slow 800m.

I was BEAT immediately after the workout, and for about 20 minutes or so afterwards. My muscles were still quivering when i finished showering, but by the time we picked up dinner, I was feeling pretty perky again, making me wonder whether I should have completed 100% after all. Now however - a little more than 24 hours later DOMS is really starting to set in, and I am sure that I did plenty.

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Jenn said...

Rebecca, that is fantastic! Congrats on your first complete running mile. And 10:12 is a decent pace.

Besides the much faster time (woo-hoo!), I also noticed that you did jumping pullups this time instead of using the gravitron. You're making huge strides - keep it up!

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