Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by Rebecca

2-17-2010 oly cycle (not)

So in an effort not to piss off my knees, I've sort of abandoned the oly cycle.

Tonight I did a little work on pull-ups and did a some foam rolling, but it was pretty much a waste of an evening.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 by Rebecca


Got there too late for much warmup - did some jump rope - more or less counted the row as the warmup.

For Time:
Row 1000m (sub 800 meter run)
250 Double-Unders
30 Power Cleans @ 155#/105#

Results: Row 4:40, Cleans 9:00, Jumprope - DNF

My knees have really been achy and unhappy for the past week or two, so I Rowed 1000m (4:40 -steady 2:20/500 pace), I knew jump rope was going to be rough on my knees so I went straight to the cleans from the rower.

I did 30 60# cleans in just under 9:00 min or so - but that included time to increase weight from 50 to 60, try to find clips, change into weight lifiting shoes, etc. not my most intense workout, but the last time I tried it, 65# was my 1RM for cleans and 60# was my 3rm - so 30 60# cleans is kinda exciting. My form was better than it used to be - all power cleans not muscle cleans, but still only so-so - i think i did a lot of left-legged cleaning.

Repetitive hard landings from double-under attempts were definitely not ok with my knees, so I tried doing single unders but my knees still forced me to stop around 160 or so.

Monday, February 15, 2010 by Daniel

Oly cycle week 6 day 1

Warmup: 2 rounds of 10 wall squats & 1:20 minute active squat holds. Burgener warmup.

Snatch x 3: 75-80-85
Clean and Jerk x 1: 100-105-110-115-120

Front squat x 5: 120-120-120
Press x 5: 100(4)-100(4)-100(4)

Flex: none. Bad.

I switched to casual sets of 3 on the snatches, since I've found the upper limit of what I can do before riding it down, and I figure I can hang out there and work on catching lower, which I believe has to do with maintaining core tension, keeping my back upright and really reaching the arms.

Still had some bad forward jumps on the cleans, but some of them surprised me in how different they felt.

Sunday, February 14, 2010 by Rebecca

2-14-2010 - Isabel

Warmup - row 1000m, drill pracitice, 10 pushups, 10 burpees, a couple pullup attempts on a strangely slippery bar - pullups have gone missing again :-(


Snatch 135/95 lbs

30 reps for time

Technically, this is 30 reps ground to overhead without touching the shoulders. You must have the bar at full lockout at the end of each rep and have all of your joints fully extended. Set up the bar and blaze through for time using form that is safe.

CrossFit Competitors:

Gita's Isabel:

Full Squat Snatch 135/95 lbs. This is the original "old-school" Isabel but it has devolved or evolved, depending upon your perspective, to the above over time.

30 reps for time

Via Gita: "Make each rep technically and mechanically efficient/safe". Do not sacrifice form for speed.

30 30# power snatches in 3:06 (clearly not heavy enough)

I wanted to try to do this the Gita version - but the 15# bar was in use, and my knees have been unhappy, so deep squats didn't seem to be the greatest idea. So I took the empty 30# bar. I didn't have a prayer of squat snatching it, but I had it in my head that a 30# snatch was close to my 1RM (which is one reason I did not add any weight - the other is that we were low on plates) - looking at my records page, it turns out not to be the case, so much - 45# is my 1 rm, and 30# is my 5rm for OHS. I think I did a reasonably good job of keeping it close to my body on the way up and dropping under it at the top.

Oly Cycle Week 5 Day 2

Warmup: 2 rounds of 10 wall squats & 75 sec active squat holds. Burgener warmup.

Snatch x 1: 70-75-80-85-85
Clean & Jerk x 1: 95-100-105-110-115

The weight is getting heavy enough on the snatch that I can no longer just keep going up and maintain good form. Once I get over 80/85, I start power-snatching and riding the weight down, which is unacceptable. So now I'm going until I start doing that, and staying at that weight trying to convince my body to get underneath it and catch it.

The clean and jerks are better, but I'm still have trouble with jumping forward on the clean. I've taken to doing my cleans with my toes on a line in the floor, as a disincentive to jump and a means of measuring my fault. Gita and Polly tell me it's due to early arm pull and not coming to full extension, leaving the bar in front of me in space where I have to jump forward to get under it.

Overhead squat x 5: 95(3)-95(4)-95(5)
Ring Dip x 5: 5(2)-5(3)-5(4)

Unsurprising that I should start failing the OHS at 95# - I have a mental block about that weight, for some reason. The ring dips continue to be extremely difficult, even with just five pounds. With both movements, my reps went up due to feeling more comfortable with the weight.

Flex: various static holds, PNF hamstring with strap. Ball rolling.

Thursday, February 11, 2010 by Daniel

Inside-out Murph

I think I've done this one before, but can't find a record of it on the blog, so maybe it was just posted to CFEB but we missed it.

50 C2B Pull-ups
100 Pushups
150 Squats
Run 2 miles
50 C2B Pull-ups
100 Pushups
150 Squats

46:01 RX (no vest)

Faster than my fastest recorded unweighted Murph, whatever that means. In some ways, this is easier than regular Murph since you don't have that cruel, long last mile to run. However, I found my first 3-4 rounds in the second half to be very slow and painful, as my muscles had cooled off and stiffened during the run, and it took some work to unkink them enough to follow my commands.

I believe this is my first full-volume C2B Murph (of any variety)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 by Rebecca

2-9-2010 oly #9

FS 5-5-5

Press 5-5-5

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Oly Cycle Week 5 Day 1

Warmup: 2 rounds of 10 wall squats & 1:10 minute active squat holds. Burgener warmup.

Snatch x 1: 70-75-80-85-85
Clean x 1: 95-100-105-110-115

Front squat x 5: 115-115-115
Press x 5: 97-97-97

Flex: Stretches and ball rolling

Still sore from Cindy on Friday and a weekend of snowboarding. Worked on Kelly Starrett's leg turnout on the front squats, which I think made my form better, but hurt like a sonuvabitch.

Friday, February 5, 2010 by Daniel


Cindy: 14 +9 pushups (PR)

My goal has been 15 for a long time, but I didn't think I had it in me tonight - had I known how close I would be, I think I could have made it (one more pushup and I'd basically be there - the squats were never a problem). Rats!

Did the pullups on the rings - don't know how much difference that made.

2-5-2010 Presses & Cindy

Warmup: run 800m

Press 5-5-5
40-50-52(f rep4)

9 rounds + 5 (jumping) pullups

Bleah. My aerobic capacity has gone to pot. The warmup run was sluggish and uncomfortable. And I felt like I was moving through molasses doing Cindy. The jumping pullups were hard; the pushups were hard; the squats were hard.

The first round was only 1:20, but most of my rounds were 2 to 2.5 minutes. I did manage to get my last full round under 2, so although I was really working towards trying to keep my form and ROM legit, maybe the thing that's missing (as much or more than aerobic capacity) is my intensity.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010 by Rebecca

2-3-2010 oly #7/8

I missed monday's workout - which would have been #7.

1000m of rowing (4:40 or so)
2 rounds, 10 wall squats followed by a 65 sec squat hold. The first one was impossible - i actuall held the second one an extra 5 seconds - i found a position that seemed to work well ...

Andrea introduced us to a new torturous squat warmup. Take a dowel and place it behind your head, then take your hands and put them on the back of your head. The dowel will be pinned between your elbows and your kneck, keeping you very upright. Now squat. The idea, of course, is to maintain an upright position. Daniel tried a few wall squats this way. I tried it, but pretty much ended up looking at the floor. I did a little foam rolling on my thoracic spine, and was able to get slightly more upright, but yikes. CLEARLY something to be worked on. Yay. Thanks Andrea :-p

Snatch skill practice - 15# bar. still kind of hit and miss.

Clean &jerk skill practice
several x 30#
3 x 40#
1 x 50#
1 x 60# - i didn't have much trouble diving under the bar to catch this - but standing up wias HARD (and ugly) and the jerk was more of a press, too. But this is still an acheivement. I've never been able to dive under heavy weights. Now I just need to get my front squat numbers up. And it's time to start seriously working on the jerk.

Ohs 5-5-5
25#(f rep #5)-25#(f r2)-20#-25(f r2, f r1)-20#
20# was easy, 25# was near impossible. very frustrating.

Dips red band aprox 7" tail both sides
5 - 5 - 5

Daniel said I needed to work on my ROM - I'm not going deep enough.

Oly Cycle Week 4 Day 2

Warmup: 2 rounds of 10 wall squats & 65 sec active squat holds. Burgener warmup.
Consecutive double-under practice (36!)

Snatch x 1: 65-70-75-80-85
Clean & Jerk x 1: 90-95-100-105-110

Overhead squat x 5: 90-90-90
Ring Dip x 5: 5(2)-5(3)-5(3)

Flex: various static holds, PNF hamstring with strap. Ball rolling.

Monday, February 1, 2010 by Daniel

Oly Cycle Week 4 Day 1

Warmup: 2 rounds of 10 wall squats & 1 minute active squat holds. Burgener warmup.

Snatch x 1: 65-70-75-80-85
Clean x 1: 90-95-100-105-110

Front squat x 5: 110-110-110
Press x 5: 95(2)-95-95

Flex: just a little ball rolling

Mondays are going to be a bit tricky this month, as I have to be back at the Aurora at 7:30, which means doing the workout before class, leading class and rushing to work ASAP. I left work at 4, and had enough time to get through most of the workout - though I didn't get as much time to stretch as I would have liked.

The lifts went fairly well. At higher weights I'm power-snatching and riding down to the bottom of the squat, which I'm working on fixing but is primarily, I think, due to a lack of comfort at the bottom. My focus on the cleans is the lie-back at full extension on the second pull - I'm not getting the bar far enough back, and am jumping forward to get under it. I think today went better than last week, but didn't have anyone else there to provide feedback. On the jerks, I'm trying not to let my torso dip forward, but just do the short oompah-loompah thing Gita told me to do.