Tuesday, February 16, 2010 by Rebecca


Got there too late for much warmup - did some jump rope - more or less counted the row as the warmup.

For Time:
Row 1000m (sub 800 meter run)
250 Double-Unders
30 Power Cleans @ 155#/105#

Results: Row 4:40, Cleans 9:00, Jumprope - DNF

My knees have really been achy and unhappy for the past week or two, so I Rowed 1000m (4:40 -steady 2:20/500 pace), I knew jump rope was going to be rough on my knees so I went straight to the cleans from the rower.

I did 30 60# cleans in just under 9:00 min or so - but that included time to increase weight from 50 to 60, try to find clips, change into weight lifiting shoes, etc. not my most intense workout, but the last time I tried it, 65# was my 1RM for cleans and 60# was my 3rm - so 30 60# cleans is kinda exciting. My form was better than it used to be - all power cleans not muscle cleans, but still only so-so - i think i did a lot of left-legged cleaning.

Repetitive hard landings from double-under attempts were definitely not ok with my knees, so I tried doing single unders but my knees still forced me to stop around 160 or so.

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