Wednesday, February 3, 2010 by Rebecca

2-3-2010 oly #7/8

I missed monday's workout - which would have been #7.

1000m of rowing (4:40 or so)
2 rounds, 10 wall squats followed by a 65 sec squat hold. The first one was impossible - i actuall held the second one an extra 5 seconds - i found a position that seemed to work well ...

Andrea introduced us to a new torturous squat warmup. Take a dowel and place it behind your head, then take your hands and put them on the back of your head. The dowel will be pinned between your elbows and your kneck, keeping you very upright. Now squat. The idea, of course, is to maintain an upright position. Daniel tried a few wall squats this way. I tried it, but pretty much ended up looking at the floor. I did a little foam rolling on my thoracic spine, and was able to get slightly more upright, but yikes. CLEARLY something to be worked on. Yay. Thanks Andrea :-p

Snatch skill practice - 15# bar. still kind of hit and miss.

Clean &jerk skill practice
several x 30#
3 x 40#
1 x 50#
1 x 60# - i didn't have much trouble diving under the bar to catch this - but standing up wias HARD (and ugly) and the jerk was more of a press, too. But this is still an acheivement. I've never been able to dive under heavy weights. Now I just need to get my front squat numbers up. And it's time to start seriously working on the jerk.

Ohs 5-5-5
25#(f rep #5)-25#(f r2)-20#-25(f r2, f r1)-20#
20# was easy, 25# was near impossible. very frustrating.

Dips red band aprox 7" tail both sides
5 - 5 - 5

Daniel said I needed to work on my ROM - I'm not going deep enough.

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