Saturday, April 17, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: Run 400m, burpees, pushups, piked pushups, jumping C2B pullups

Run 800 Meters
100 Double-Unders (only did 50)
Run 600 Meters
50 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1.0P
Run 400 Meters
25 Burpees (stepping, not jumping - for the record, just as hard.)
Run 200 Meters
13 Thruster 115/75 (45# front squats)


800m: 5:13
50 DU: 7:50 (included bathroom break)
600m: 4:04
50 1P KB swings: 6:46
400M: 2:54
25 burpees: 4:07
200m: 1:33
13 45# front squat: 4:15

This is the hardest I have worked in months and I am certainly paying for it now - but it's the good kind of "I worked hard" sore, and not the "I think I damaged myself" sore which is pretty awesome.

It's the first time I've run instead of subbing rowing in months, too, and it actually went just fine; not fast, or anything, but not problematic for any of my stupid nagging injuries.

My original goal for the double-unders was only 25 - i was afraid that all that jumping would really aggravate my knees, but they were going so well - I got several consecutive (Jump, skip, jump style)- I decided to go for 50. I think that was the right number - because by the time I was done with them just about everyone else was done with theirs, too. I was pretty pleased with how well these went.

When I got to the KB I didn't know whether i was going to just do 25 and stick to 50% volume for all the exercises, or do the whole thing. I decided to tough it out.

I did not jump my feet back or forward on the burpees - I've found that jumping them forward to that really low squat is one thing that is guaranteed to aggravate my knee. I did do a jump and a clap once i was on my feet. I thought these would be easier than regular burpees. they were not. Because I was not jumping forward, they were a lot more like pushups, and between the pushups from the warmup, and the largish quantity of pushups the day before, my arms were not interested in helping out. I found them to be at least as winding as regular burpees. Maybe I'm just out of practice.

The front squats were also just about as hard as I could manage and still pretend to keep any sort of decent form. I opted for them over thrusters again because of my knees. I probably should have incorporated a push-press component - but just the front squats felt plenty hard enough.

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