Saturday, February 14, 2009 by Daniel

Hardly worth mentioning

Today is the last day of my half-volume recovery week. I also (rather conveniently) came down with a cold for the bulk of the week, but that's nearly over. I can tell I'm better because I'm resenting the low volume, and feel like I'm slacking. I've gained two pounds and hardly done anything that feels worth blogging about. I'm ready to go back to doing it for real.

I keep reminding myself of why I decided to do this to begin with. I was feeling consistently beat up, deeply sore, and plagued by many small, recurring injuries. All the little things are gone. My ankle is much better (I can walk on it in the morning), but it's still a bit sore. Rather than dreading workouts, I'm looking forward to them again, and my interest in attaining goals has come back. So mission accomplished - tomorrow I can play with the big kids again.

Today, however, was a bit of a joke.

For time
50 Double-unders
2 Pood/1.5 Pood Hang Snatch, 50 reps
50 Clap Push-Ups
50 Double-unders

7:16, half-volume
(subbed 1.5 pood snatches, and most pushups were just "hopping")

I was too apprehensive at the start of class to do the green 1.75 pood, but I was able to do five or so right-handed snatches with it afterwards, so I should have used that one - especially since I only had to do 25. Only James C. and Polly were able to do the RX weight - that's a lot of weight to stabilize overhead with one arm. Double-unders are getting closer, I think. I wish I had a place and time to practice these at home.

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