Friday, February 13, 2009 by Rebecca

DOMS ate my shoulder press

Warmup: a few minutes of trying to jump rope with cold feet and tangled ropes. Air squats, OH squats with a dowel, pushups, burpees, B2B tabata squats (score 6).

5x5 Shoulder press

45-45-45-50(fail rep 4)-45

These were so much harder than they could have been. I have pretty significant DOMS in my shoulders and arms from Wednesday's Cindy, and I think partially from yesterday's salsa - but mostly Cindy. High volume pushups do that. The pushups and the burpees in the warmup really hurt, but by the time I finished the burpees they hurt a little bit less.

I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't even eke out 1 set of 50#. Back in December I managed to achieve a 3RM of 55#. But given the DOMS and an overall feeling of weakness in my shoulders I'm not really super surprised, either.

Tomorrow's going to be brutal.

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