Thursday, August 12, 2010 by Daniel

Bodyweight chipper from hell

In any order, partitioned any way:

Run 5x800 meters

45 Handstand Push-Ups
45 C2B Pull-Ups
45 Ring Dips
45 Pistols
45 Toes-To-Bar
45 Burpees

Post time and partitioning scheme to comments.

DNF in 36 minutes

I appear to have messed up one of my abdominals in this workout. I thought it was due to the GHDs I did a week earlier, but now that I've been living with it a few days, my abs never hurt like this after that workout. They were REALLY sore all through camping, granted, and maybe I weakened them in that workout and then actually ripped something with the T2B. My first round went fine, and then something...tore, I guess. It got rapidly worse, and ultimately I just started cutting out the things that hurt. So I did all of the running, burpees, and pistols, and about half of everything else. Some of the HSPUs were kipping from the floor, but I don't like how that makes my neck feel, so I would switch to high-piking off a box. The pistols were band-assisted.

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