Monday, August 23, 2010 by Daniel


I totally blew this workout - chose a weight that was too high, and failed to notice that it specified squat cleans - so I did power cleans. My back hurt in a bad way afterwards - I was just stubborn and irresponsible.

A: Work up to a 1RM in the Snatch Grip Deadlift.

B: Perform as many reps as possible of Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 80% of 1RM

C: 30 Deadlift 135/95
15 Squat Clean 135/95
20 Deadlift 135/95
10 Squat Clean 135/95
10 Deadlift 135/95
5 Squat Clean 135/95

A: 255
B: 4 @ 200
C: 21-something (DNF) @ 125

The cleans were TERRIBLE. Just had a really hard time getting under the bar. Whatever technique gains I've made in this lift appear to have evaporated - really need to practice more popping and dropping.

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