Saturday, May 23, 2009 by Daniel

Strength Cycle Week 10, part 2

Well, despite feeling rather like I got run over by a stampeding elephant named "Eva," today's strength routine turned out rather well - and certainly better than Thursday.

Deadlift x 5: 245 - 270 - 300 (pr)
Deadlift x 21: 235 (unbroken)
Press x 5: 75 - 90 - 105F/3
Press x 21: 70 (unbroken)

When I started this strength routine, 300 was my one-rep max for deadlift, and 105 was my one-rep max for shoulder press. I'm not at all surprised I failed at three reps on the press today, though - after yesterday my shoulders have been feeling totally fried, and all my presses felt hard today. I was quite surprised that I managed 70 x 21. Hopefully I'll be able to get 105x5 next week.

Rebecca got my 300x5 on video for posterity, and I neglected to edit out all the time I spend psyching myself up to pick up the bar:

It's funny how my ass goes down to start the pull and then shoots right back up. On these sets of five the first one is always my worst one, and then my form is not so bad afterwards. My hips are shooting up a little faster than my shoulders, but overall I'm fairly happy with my form here.

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