Monday, October 20, 2008 by Daniel

A bit backwards

This month's Mondays will not go according to the regular schedule, due to a work thing requiring me to show up early and thereby preventing me from climbing with Tor in the mornings. While at first I was highly annoyed at this, if the next three Mondays are like today, then it'll be fine: I can just go climbing with Rebecca in the evening!

So, this morning's HIIT:

80 burpees, sets of 10

I wanted to do 100 in celebration of tomorrow's ending of the burpee challenge, but I ran out of time.

And this evening:

3x10 weighted incline sit-ups (25#)
climbing: 10a(o), 10c(o), 10d(f+), 10b(o), 10b(f+)

The climbing felt good, despite some strong residual soreness from Tabata Cindy. The first 10a was laughably easy. The 10c was a good climb, vertical with a little bit of dihedral action in the middle, and only challenging in a mental sense as the end goes WAY off plumb, so a fall would be...dramatic, and probably impossible to get back from. It felt really good to be back on a 10d, even if it was probably the most insanely crimpy arete climb I've ever done (damn you, Jim!). Many of the holds were too small to use the pads of the fingers, requiring me to pull off my fingerTIPS, which got pretty painful pretty quick. I followed that with a 10b that looked a lot more challenging than it was (big 10' roof, but massive jugs). The last 10b was harder than it looked, and I was tired and doing all sorts of stupid shit trying to muscle my way up it. When I finally stopped, took some breaths and asked myself, "what is the most efficient way I could do this move?" I usually found an easier, more controlled method than the big dramatic jump-n-falls I was perpetrating.

It was really nice to climb with Rebecca again - the past few times we've climbed, it's been with friends and we haven't partnered with each other, so it's been a long time. Tonight felt like old times, when we first started. Too bad the gym was so damn crowded.

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