Sunday, October 19, 2008 by Daniel

Tabata Cindy

Pretty much just what it sounds like:

Perform 60 intervals of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest of:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

16 rounds RX.

Did this downstairs on the rings with Raphael and James C. Max lent me his watch, which can do intervals, so I was in charge of calling out "rest" and "go," while also juggling my rounds and keeping an eye on the clock to be sure we were doing 30 minutes of work. I think I screwed up and shortchanged us a little on the number of intervals. Max's watch stopped beeping, so I assumed he'd programmed it for 60 intervals, but he tells me he didn't and that it's more likely I just stopped it by accident with my wrist. We couldn't have been TOO far off, as I know we started before the main class and we finished a little before them, too, but I think we may have had a couple more minutes to do. Oh well. It's not like we didn't get any work in.

So this was three more rounds than my last Cindy, in ~10 more minutes' time. Not particularly great. The enforced rests of the tabata protocol DID make it easier, I think - for a large swatch of time in the middle, I felt I was holding down a pace that I could've kept for a long time. It successfully enforced the notion that I rest for too long when I take rests, and that I should A) stop a little earlier, before failure, and B) start again after just a handful of breaths. Hopefully I can keep this in mind and apply it to future WODs.

Afterwards I did some practice at bar-kipping upstairs, and I think I've nailed the form down, even on the bouncy bar (which was giving me trouble). The trick, for me, is to NOT swing so much. It's much more of a pumping, snaking action - I can envision a ledge in front of me at about knee height, and I swing with my hips to get my toes on that ledge, and then push off the ledge to finish the move....or it's like holding a long string and snapping one end of it, so you get a wave that travels down the string. It's like doing that with my body. When I got into the groove of it, chest-to-bar pullups seemed quite natural and easy. It is hell on the hands, though, compared to the rings.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

Next time, don't wear the watch but hook it to your shorts. It was the wrist bend, I bet. I've done it before too. It's such a bitch! Yes, your kpu look fantastic. Your hands will toughen up, though I feel ya on the initial bummer of having ripped hands. On your performance: 1) there are good days and bad days and probably if you did it again, on another day, you'd find that you might do better and 2) how is your IF on your endurance? I wonder if that type of diet is more optimal for certain types of workouts than others? I wouldn't have a clue, just wondering.

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