Monday, May 19, 2008 by Daniel

Getting over a cold, so am feeling crappy on and off. Did NO work over the weekend (family vacation) and nutrition was sketchy, so I'm feeling fidgety and irresponsible.

I've resolved to give Max's 3x5 strength plan a try. So the plan is: DL and Press on Mondays, Squat and maybe Bench on Fridays. I'd like to do weighted pullups, but since I climb on Mondays and Fridays I think those muscles will probably already be fried by the time I do my workout. So yesterday:

DLx5: 175-175-175-175-175
PPx5: 75-75-75-75(4)-75(3)

I'm hoping my sickness accounts in part for how difficult these were, or else I'm not going to progress very far at all. The deadlifts made me really woozy (a problem throughout the workout) but I think my form, while still shoddy, is getting better.

Afterwards did spin class for 45 minutes.

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