Saturday, May 30, 2009 by Rebecca

Strength Cycle Week 11, pt. 2 - more progress!

Warmup: .5 miles on elliptical, ME, 20 situps, boz warmup-2 rounds, hip openers

Warmup: 10 x 45#, 5 x 95#

5 x 115, 125, 135 - got it! PR! (though the last two reps weren't pretty)

21 x 105# - got it - though, again, the last few reps weren't pretty.

Warmup: 10 x 15#, practice with dowel

3 x 40-45-50-52-60
Ii failed to get 60 up at all the first time i tried it. I got it up twice the second time i tried it - and i managed to get a set of three the third time i tried it. PR! Daniel really helped me with my form on these - apparently I didn't really know where "overhead" was, and was consistently finding a place in front of my head instead of directly overhead. which made them much harder to get up.

21 x 40 (12,6,3) - these did not go so well. The first 12 were horribly wonky - i couldn't get a rhythm going, and i was wobbling all over the place. the last 9 were much better. ... last week i managed to get 14 ,7 at this weight. grrr. still - i PR'ed on three of my four tasks today, and I can't help but be happy about that.

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