Sunday, May 31, 2009 by Rebecca

Sunday Highlight

One quick note about Sunday's workouts.

The coolest thing is that I got a massive 400m PR. My fastest recorded time ever is 1:59 - but that is on a course that I am fairly certain is actually less than 400m. (The roof of GWPC). Most of my recently, my fastest 400's have been hovering somewhere around 2:15-2:20.

Sunday's workout involved a relay run of 400m - I was first, and I was paired head-to-head with Ynez - who went first for her team. She's a better runner than me, but we're fairly close in speed. We both managed to push each other in a good way - I was determined to catch her, and she was determined not to let me. She finished only about 10 feet ahead of me. The route we ran was actually a bit longer than 400m - from the top of the stairs outside the yoga room, down to the 200m mark and back. I hit my timer at the top of the stairs and stopped it when I got back to the bottom of the stairs. Time: 2:05! With the added distance of the stairs, I know this was for sure my best 400m time ever.

Exciting :-)


YPA said...

Good lord you made me run fast. I could have hurt myself! Don't let me catch you doing that again...

Maximus Lewin said...

A quick check on gmaps pedometer makes it around 450 meters. That sounds right.

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