Friday, April 3, 2009 by Rebecca

Run like the wind ....

11:50 - 8:00 - a bit restless, but mostly sound.

Four rounds, each for time of:

800 meter run every nine minutes on the ninth minute for 27 minutes.

5:11 | 4:59 | 4:58 | 4:42

My PR on the 800 is 4:40, but it was on a track, and I don't know whether the track was short, our 'urban' 800's are long or what, but I haven't ever gotten anything even sort of close to it again. Until today :-D I am pretty sure this is the best 800 I have run - and it's particularly satisfying because my best one was my last one, AND i haven't been doing much running lately, so I am sure I could do better if I worked on it more. I didn't really get a chance to warm up before class started, so my first run was really more of a warmup, and I did what stretching I could in between heats - i think it helped. I was still the slowest person in class for every heat but it was a good day none the less.

I worked on some ring stabilization stuff and double unders after - but not very hard becase i was TIRED.

8:30 - 4oz black coffee
1:50 - cottae cheese, etc.
2:15 - coffee w/milk, 1 tiny bite of soggy oreo (Bleah!) 1 small bike of less than fabulous chocolate cake (bleah :-p) 1 oz spiced cashews to get icky sugar taste out. Yummy :-)
7:00 - 16 oz milk
8:30 - bread and cheese, tomato mozzerella salad, a beer, chicken soup, salad with oranges & goat cheese, 5oz? chicken ... some dark chocolate & ice cream and some ... .5 oz liquer ... not sure what it was called - grippa, grappa? something like that

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