Thursday, April 2, 2009 by Daniel

Strength Cycle, week 5 part 1

Back Squat x 5: 135 - 155 - 175(pr)
Back Squat x 21: 130
Weighted incline situps x 10: 25 -25 -25
Bench Press x 5: 115 - 135 - 150(pr)
Bench Press x 21: 110
Handstand/Forward roll practice

Squats went much better this week - not having done Karen the night before is very helpful. Even at 175 there was only one rep where I rolled too far forward due to hips coming up too fast. The situps were just an attempt to stay warm while I was waiting for Rebecca. Bench went OK, but the last rep was a struggle. Hopefully I'll be able to keep going up for a little while longer before stalling out.

Next week is supposed to be a half-volume week, so: Squat 95/65, Bench 75/60

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