Friday, January 2, 2009 by Daniel

Back in the saddle

The DOMS from Sunday finally wore off enough to actually workout yesterday, but since I was leading the WOD I didn't really get a chance to do more than the trial round I did - which was 8.5 minutes of hard work, but doesn't really count as a workout.

So today I got back on the wall and in class, and it felt great. First, this morning's climbing with Rebecca and Tor (and Tor's daughter Dakota):

ML10a(o), ML10b(o), 10c(o), 10b/c(o)

Good bit of climbing. The 10a was a breeze. The 10b was a long one on the front wall, and I ran into the problem of reaching across my body to clip again. This time I just switched hands, and that worked much better than fumbling around forever. I don't know that I'll always have that luxury, though, so I should learn how best to clip into a draw across my body with the gate facing me. The 10c was a hard one - big jugs, but super pumpy - the climb was basically a series of roofs. The last b/c was a LOT of fun - on the back wall, and fairly stemmy, it meandered all over the place and was more technical than I was expecting.

Then, this evening's WOD at GWPC:

Five Rounds for time:

Run 400 Meters
10 Deadlift 225#/155#
10 C2B Pull-ups

28:02 RX
splits: 5:17 | 5:36 | 6:05 | 5:43 | 5:20

There were 6 guys sharing two 225# bars, and 17 athletes on a pullup bar that could handle maybe 5-6, so it was a bit of a clusterfuck. Wasn't too bad, though, and as the hardcore athletes finished earlier, it opened up even more.

I was nervous about doing 50 225# deadlifts, when my latest 1Rm is 275, but it wasn't that bad, actually. I did them in two sets of five, and kept form fairly well for about 90% of them, I think. The pull-ups were actually more frustrating, as I can't seem to string together C2B pull-ups, so it would be "pullup... swing back and forth a little...pull-up...etc". Yet another skill to work on.

While in Virginia, I got some workout clothes at the outlets, and got to try them out tonight. First I got some very thin-soled Pumas that are equally suitable for POSE running and for squats, and I'm quite happy with them - though my calves are still protesting at the POSE. Second, I got an UnderArmour cold-weather long-sleeve top, that I got because it advertised the magical ability to keep you warm in 50-degree weather without overheating. It is embarassingly tight and very orange and drew some gentle mockery, but I have to say it worked REALLY well. I was never too hot or too cold, despite the fairly cold night. I may try putting a T-shirt over it, though, so people will stop telling me I look like a superhero. That's not really the look I'm going for.

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Rebecca said...

You'll always be my super hero, tight orange spandex shirt, or not <3

At least that particular color actually suits you pretty well, and even as tight as that shirt is, you don't have a single thing to be embarrassed about. Your hard-won body comp changes negate the need for any phony muscle padding that some super hero suit wearers require!

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