Sunday, December 28, 2008 by Rebecca

Potomac Cross Fit

Look a Crossfit Christmas Tree!

Warmup: Medicine ball games.

For time:
100 squats
3 muscle-ups (9 pullups, 9 dips)
75 squats
6 muscle-ups (18 pullups, 18 dips)
50 squats
9 muscle-ups (27 pullups, 27 dips)
25 squats
12 muscle-ups (36 pullups, 36 dips)

100 squats4:10
1:009 pull-ups - blue band5:10
0:359 dips - on parallets with feet on medicine ball5:45
4:0575 squats9:50
2:3018 pullups - blue band12:20
3:4818 dips - on parallettes - feet on floor, legs straight
50 Squats, 27 pullups - green band, 27 dips on parallettes, last 10 w/ knees bent

This workout totally kicked my ass. I couldn't even finish it.

Initially I considered doing the MU progression that Daniel did - but I can't even do a partial ring dip. My right arm won't stabilize on the rings. Yet another movement that needs work.

Bu I've heard a lot about woody bands, and I've never had the chance to use them, so I was excited to get to try them out for the pullups. For the record, while it's pretty awkward getting into and out of the bands (Jen helped everyone who was using them to get into them), I quite like them. They seem to be a good middle ground between jumping pullups and ... well ... actual pullups.

I've also never had to do dips in a WOD. Dumb luck that I always seem to miss the WOD's that require them. Really!

The downside of playing with these new toys was that meant a higher volume than the 1-to-1 exchange with the MU progression movement.

I don't know whether it was just doing a lot of squats all at once instead of smaller chunks (like Murph) or what, but starting in round 2 (!), my legs were quivering with fatigue. Maybe it was the necessity of using my legs for the pullups and dips, too? But the squats weren't the only thing that was hard. The pullups were pretty brutal, too. ANd it didn't take long for the dips to really suck, too.

Maybe it was out less than stellar 'Vacation' diet - maybe it was a week of near inactivity, but whatever the cause, my quads have not been that sore since we did Murph right after our trip to FL. I couldn't walk normally until Wednesday evening.

Potomac Crossfit itself was really nice space - they had all the great crossfit toys - a whole wall of pullup bars, a little herd of Kettle Bells, a forest of C2 Rowers, lots of box jump boxes and medicine balls, etc. And Jen (pictured center, below) was a great trainer, we had a really good time meeting her.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

Hey! There are lots of bands at BIW! Have you gotten a chance to use them on the bars? MB suggested using those on my dips. Great reminder. I like the collage. Huh, dips on parallettes--brilliant!

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