Thursday, February 5, 2009 by Daniel


So I went down to the gym today after work...

Back Squat x 5: 95-135-170-170-170
False grip pullup practice (10 x 1)

The squats were horrible. My form felt atrocious - at the bottom of the squat, my torso pitches forward and I put far too much strain on my back when I stand up. These got so heavy that I felt like I might burst a blood vessel from the pressure in my neck and jaw, so I gave up after three rounds. I'm going to switch to deadlifts for 5x5's (I feel confident about my DL form) and drop the weight down on the squats so I can focus on form. I'll try to get video with Rebecca one of these days, so I can put it out there for review. I'm fairly certain if I kept it up as it is, I would injure myself.

The pullup practice was just that - deadhang pullups, chest to hands, in false grip. I need to get more comfortable with this grip if I'm ever going to get a muscle-up - right now it feels WAY harder than a normal pullup would be.

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