Thursday, January 1, 2009 by Rebecca

My Woobie's WOD!

I'm so proud of Daniel. I think his first WOD went great. I'm just sorry I couldn't make a better effort at getting it done.

Unfortunately I woke up with a headache accompanied by queasiness, and it had not gone away by the time the workout started. I didn't want to bail completely, so I very slowly worked my way through two rounds plus one run. Alex asked for, and was happily granted, the 'priviledge' of doing all my reps for me, since I got one of the last few tokens.

Unfortunatley, I also managed to delete the time for this workout from my watch - note to self - watch deletes workouts from newest to oldest - NOT oldest to newest ... (LAME!) but since the workout took just about 20 minutes, and i completed 2 whole rounds just before the last round, I'm going to guess that each round took me about 8 minutes.

My minor victory for the day is that I managed to run every step of the three runs I did despite the steepness of the hill and the throbbing of my head.

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