Friday, October 31, 2008 by Daniel

Climbing and Push-up Nicole

Morning workout:

Sprint-8 on rower: 3,030m
Climbing: 10a(o), 10c(o), 10c(f), 10c(f)

I made it up the 10c in the back corner that eluded me the other day, which was satisfying - I really did just need fresher arms to make it over the crimpy arete portion. Would've been clean, too, except for a misstep further up the climb. The fall on the last c was just from being tired and stupid - once I fell, took a breath and analyzed the situation, all I needed to do was stabilize with a higher foot instead of jump (as always).

Feeling pretty sore and burnt, I approached the evening WOD with some trepidation, telling myself that it would be OK to take it easy if it was too hard.

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max Rep Push-Ups

100 RX (5 rounds: 30-20-20-15-15)

Turned out to be OK. My pecs were sore from the 5x5's and so my push-ups were not super-high in quantity, but I was very careful that they were all high quality (ie, chest touching the ground on every rep). I spent a lot of time in downward-facing dog. The runs all felt pretty fast. I liked this workout - I have yet to do a real Nicole for whatever reason, so don't have a comparison - but I liked the combination of metcon and strength-endurance.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

Huh, you count your meters on Sprint 8? Great idea. I've been overly focused on the average pace or current pace. Bad idea, I'm told.

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