Friday, October 3, 2008 by Daniel

Christ in Fuzzy Bunny Slippers

Morning workout - climbing and HIIT.
Climbing at IW: 10a(o), 10a/b(o)
"Sprint 8" on the rower - damper @ 8.5, went 2,830m

Tor was late and had to leave early, so I only got two climbs in. They were clumsy, but the ankle mostly did OK. Definitely favored the right leg whenever possible, climbing with my right hip against the wall and flagging my left foot out.

Tired of burpees as my HIIT, I thought I'd try Sprint 8 on the rower (8 rounds - 30 sec all-out sprint, 1 minute easy recovery pace). It was OK. Burpees in sets of 10 are harder, I think. I could get up to 36 SPM during the sprint, about a 1:37/500m pace, and would back it off to 26SPM during recovery. Might try it again with the damper at 10, I think I prefer it there.

* 19 hour fast *

I've been playing with making some homemade protein bars lately, and this afternoon came up with a recipe I really like. Nothing but peanut butter, pure unflavored protein powder, and cream. Tastes a lot like peanut butter cookie dough, only without sugar. I was very pleased with this, until I realized I'd lost track of time and stupidly eaten one of these little bricks just an hour before class...

Evening workout:

Three Rounds for time:
Run 800 Meters (sub: 100 air squats)
21 Burpees
15 Thruster 75/45 Sandbag or 95/65 Barbell (sub: 65# barbell)
9 Pull-ups

34:52, not RX

Jesus-Christ-in-Fuzzy-Bunny-Slippers, this was uncomfortable. (Bet you were wondering where I got the post title from.) I felt like I was carrying an additional 10 pounds in my gut, and my body frequently felt like it was considering giving up the whole "digestion" idea as a bad cause, if you know what I mean. The burpees and thrusters in particular were just brutal. The squats weren't so bad (though my quads are quite thrashed), and I looked forward to the pullups...

...because I finally figured out how to kip on the bar! I don't know what it was, but something just clicked, and I was able to knock out all 9 pullups in an unbroken set with no trouble. I think maybe the stability of the GWPC bar helped - I'm eager to try again tomorrow on the bouncy IW bar and see if still gives me trouble.

The kettlebell workout Max has posted for tomorrow looks fucking INSANE. I'm scared.

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