Monday, July 26, 2010 by Rebecca

2010-07-26 - Sprint 8

Today's WOD was a team WOD involving running and deadlifts and ring dips. On the warmup run I discovered that after 2 days of double unders my knees just weren't happy about running, so I decided to abandon class and do my own thing upstairs.

Hence - another bout of Sprint 8 on the rower:

13 minutes - 1 minute warmup, 8 rounds 30 seconds sprint, 1 minute rest.

Results w/ damper @ 4:
2720 meters
avg speed/500 2:23.4
153 calories
118.7 watts

My average /500m on the sprints was 2:04
My average on the rests was 2:40 or so.

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