Monday, December 22, 2008 by Rebecca

Social Climbing 12-21-08

Holy cow I climbed my first 10b!

I had a couple takes, but it was MOSTLY me just getting up the wall. There was no ratcheting or cheating - just resting or falling. YAY!

overall, as I remember this was a pretty good night, I climbed 2 10a's and the 10b, and did a pretty decent job with all of them.

The first 10a was "Neck Meat" up an interesting dihedral feature. I had a couple takes, one where i just didn't see a foot hold, and one where i just ran out of gas, but it was a really interesting climb.

The 2nd 10a was "Ants" that went right up the left side of the smoke stack, and had a pretty significant roof to get over, and I did have 1 take getting over it, but the rest was smooth sailing. this was also a really interesting climb.

The third climb - i was considering doing neck meat again, but Evelyn pointed out a 10b on the south wall that looked like it might be doable for me, so I decided to give it a go. And i mostly got it. I had some trouble about half way up where i sort of lost the route and realized I should be more left when i was pretty far right, and I had a little bit of trouble at the very top, but other than that, I got it. It was very exciting!

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