Tuesday, April 28, 2009 by Daniel

Quit yer bitchin'

Max has resolved to work at keeping a more positive mental attitude about his workouts. I think that's an admirable goal, and one I need to adopt myself. In general, I try to be a positive and supportive person, but I have in the past had to consciously retrain myself to be less sarcastic, and I think this is similar: negative thinking begets negative emotions and leads to urges to give up, sandbag or make excuses. As addicted as I am to this fitness thing, I have noticed a tendency on my part to whine about the workouts (usually right before I have to do them), make sarcastic quips and in general be negative. There is a place for such things, but it's dangerous to get habitual about it. So here I resolve to accept and embrace the difficulty of the challenges facing me, and to quit bitching about them.

Speaking of painful...yesterday I joined Max, Ynez and Hodges at the track above Clark Kerr for some running practice. Unfortunately a section of the track was fenced off for construction, but we were able to use half of it, so we did 4 x 400 sprints, turning around halfway through (yuck).

400m sprints, every 5 minutes:
1:23 | 1:25 | 1:28 | 1:32

Then, at Ynez's behest, we did 3 x 100m sprints up a STEEP hill (top of Dwight).
0:38 | 0:33 | 0:34

The 400m times are pretty terrible. I attribute this to feeling a little sick (think I'm getting a cold), being a little heavy, coming back from a trip where I ate pretty poorly, and having to turn around.

I don't have a baseline to compare the sprints, but they were probably a bad idea - they hurt my ankle quite a bit, and I was limping the rest of the night and had to take some ibuprofen before bed. Frustrating.


Kate said...

I find myself doing the same thing before some workouts! I think it's more trepidation than anything else. That and maybe my laziness trying to win out:). It's always good to make a conscious effort to curb these thoughts and I need to work at it.

I like your poster:).

YPA said...

Who knew I'd be the one demanding we do hill repeats??? I'm getting so comfortable being uncomfortable...

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