Saturday, April 25, 2009 by Daniel

Beach Burpee Bingo

Today's the big (wedding) day, but we didn't really have anywhere to be until the ceremony at three, and with everyone busy making preparations, we made ourselves scarce and went down to the beach for an impromptu WOD.

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
100 meter sprint
15 burpees

8 rounds + sprint and 10 burpees

This was a gasser. Sprinting and burpees on the beach are challenging, especially when you're barefoot and the tide is coming in. It's hard to sprint in three inches of water! And it was fun when you'd drop down in the pushup position and the water would flood in just as you were about to drop your face to the ground. I did not approach this very intelligently - I made a new burpee angel at each round, with the idea that I could then use the angels to keep track of my rounds. This neglected to take into account the fact that Rebecca was going at the same time as I was, thereby making her own angels and confusing my math, as well as the fact that the first five burpees are by far the hardest, as your feet skid in the wet sand and don't provide good traction for jumping up until you've dug yourself a little trench. So I did not do it as efficiently as I could have - still, it was good to get out and move a bit, since I've been going stir crazy here.

The weather today was finally nice enough to WANT to go outside on the beach, too, which made the whole experience much more pleasant.


Jay Ashman said...

I can't imagine doing burpees on the beach, that adds a level of hell that is almost unbearable... now I need to try that.

I think next Sunday I will make my comeback WoD consist of beach work, thanks for that idea.

Daniel said...

Some advice: don't clap overhead, as it will rain sand down on your head and in your eyes. Just throw your arms up and out like wings.

YPA said...

This sounds awesome. Wish I could have joined you for this one. I think a lot of hill and beach runs are in our future though. And rightly so.

Jenn said...

I'm just jealous of the fact you were able to do a WOD on the beach...

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