Saturday, March 21, 2009 by Rebecca

Carrying an even load

The cats were blessedly undisruptive (... that's a double negative ruptive?), and I got 8.25 solid hours of sleep. Hooray!

This morning I tried a couple pullups on our PU bar. the first one i tried from a bent arm position, and i just went right up to the top - it was like an ELEVATOR - Wooop Ding! Penthouse! Then I tried a couple from a dead hang, and I actually made it about half way up. I could feel that I had finally gotten past the catchy place I've been stuck at for a while, but it took everything I had to get that far, so I still got stuck with my elbows @ 90 degrees. I just need a little extra strenght to keep puling the rest of the way. I managed to get my elbows to 90 degrees about 4 times. It was awesome.

Warm up: 2 min jump rope, ME, hip opening strethces, head stand practice. I got my first headstand all by myself today! The trick is apparently NOT being right on top of the wall, but a couple inches out from it.

For time:
Run 400 Meters
1.5/1.0P Kettlebell Push press, 42 reps
Run 400 Meters
1.5/1.0P Kettlebell Push press, 36 reps
Run 400 Meters
1.5/1.0P Kettlebell Push press, 30 reps
Run 400 Meters
1.5/1.0P Kettlebell Push press, 24 reps

using the 12kg KB

42 KB PP: 22R 20L
36 KB PP: 20R 16L
30 KB PP: 15R 15L
24 KB PP: 14R 10L

This took for-frickin-ever. I'm fairly certain that my time was by far the longest one in either class today. But it's because I insisted on making my right arm do most of the work. I only alternated arms on every fifth rep, and the right arm always went first, so it got most of the reps. The form was not always pretty, and while I did redo some reps, I did not redo all the ones that I probably should not have counted. By the end I could only get 1 to 2 reps in before having to set the KB down and regroup. But I feel good about forcing it to try to catch up. It was tempting to let my left do more of the work so I could get a better time, but I'll even out faster if I make it work harder.

I wish I could school my right leg that way. Maybe if I take the weight WAY down on my squats I can try to focus on lifting more dominantly with my right leg than my left. Otherwise, except for the step-up work I've been doing (and pistols which are a bit out of my league atm), I can't think of an exercise off-hand where you only work one leg or the other.

The runs felt pretty brutal, too, but with the recent lack of m,etcons that's only to be expected. I was happy I didn't have to walk any part of them, but I did have to stop and pant for about a minute to get my breath back after each one.

9:30 - 4oz black coffee
12:00 - 16oz milk
1:15 - Bacheeso's smorgasbord: Beef Kabobs, Eggs w/ cheese and spinach, chicken sausage, turkey, some awesome tomatoes, and coffee with half n' half
4:00 - 10oz coffee w/ 2/3 cup milk
4:30 - 1 multiv, 2 glucosamine, 4 omega-3
8:30 - BBQ and Terriaki chicken, salad with almonds & blood oranges & pears, 3 slices of bread with some fabulous soft cheese, roasted mushrooms, cauliflower and potatoes
9:30 - 1 slice of sugarless pumpkin pie with a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream, 1 glass of wine.


Maximus Lewin said...

Your rep scheme was a good idea. You should upscale this way for a while.

Kate said...

Awesome job on the 90 degree pull-ups!! I'm still not at that step yet, but I'm hopeful.

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