Thursday, February 26, 2009 by Daniel


I was quite wishy-washy about this WOD all day. The high-volume 225# deadlift fiasco last week loomed large in my memory, and a small, reasonable voice in the back of my head said "maybe you shouldn't go so heavy again so soon."

Yeah...I never really listen to that voice.

Deadlift 225#/155#
Handstand Push-Ups

10:29 (DL at 225#, HSPUs with foot in ring) - PR

Last time I did this, I was either 35 or 75 seconds slower, and did the deadlifts at 205#. So that's progress. I'm still too chickenshit to invert reliably for the HSPUs, and I like my sub with the foot in the ring - but I don't kid myself that it's anything like as hard as a real HSPU.

After class we went to Pyramid Brewery to celebrate Jim's completion of the Bar exam, which was really nice. The CFEB crew is just a lot of good folks, fun to hang out with. And I won't lie: the beer was fantastic.

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