Thursday, February 26, 2009 by Rebecca

I can, in fact, Salsa.

Going into this evening, I was greateful that this was the last class of the series. I finished up dancing on sunday slightly frustrated, and with a less than confident feeling about my dancing abilities. I ended the evening tonight feeling very confident about being a solid, intermediate dancer with a good ability to follow a good lead, and more confidence that I do, in fact, know what I'm doing out there most of the time.

I got to dance several dances with the instructors (who obviously lead well) and tonight, for whatever reason, they seemed to recognize that i was capable of doing more than just the small handfull of steps we'd gone over in class, so I got to actually really dance instead of just going over the same 4 steps over and over. But the really fun part was that - with a very few exceptions, I was able to do everything they threw at me - whether it was familiar or not - which was a fantastic confidence booster. And on the few occasions where I didn't get it, they'd just show me again, and I always got it the second time. I also think that, becuase it was a class session, it didn't feel so embarassing when i missed something.

I won't be signing up for another series of classes right away. Maybe in a couple months I will look into taking their "Turns and spins" class because that is far and away my weakest manouver, and there are lots of them, and the more advanced your partner, the more of them you have to do - but i think it's on wednesdays and that is bad timing. Also, in general, I think I'm happier just doing salsa every so often - but it was nice to end it on such a positive note.

11:43 - 8:20 Only woke up once or twice - TOTALLY overslept. I was dreaming -vividly - that i was awake, and trying to clean up after my wounded cat who had somehow managed to get his protective cone collar off and bled allover the house. I was relieved to wake up from that. I was also relieved to wake up from a dream in the middle of the night where the Decepticons (scarier live action movie version - not cartoons) were totally kicking our ass and about to blow us up. Apparently Daniel was having a dream at the same time of us going out to look for enormous scorpions on the beach. We were both glad that Oscar woke us up. Dunno what was up with the unusally vivid dreams, but it was good to get over 8 hours of sleep.

9:15 3 egg cheesy scramble w/veggie sausage, 12oz coffee w/2/3 cup milk.
1:30 1.5 cups cottage cheese, 2oz slivered almonds, 1 tsp cinnamon
3:03 2 oz spiced cashews
6:30 8oz chicken (some chile verde, some teriyaki, some tikka masala) from whole foods, 2 Tbs spinach paneer
9:45 turkeyburger w/ swiss & guacamole, tomato & onion - no bun sweet potato fries, 16oz beer
11:30 2 zma

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A little calc/magn induced dreaming, kids?

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